Faith Federica Sciamanna has released a new book, based on her 2018 Tour in Europe. Written in collaboration with Raffaele Pietro Pisani, “The Shiver TOUR DIARY 2018” is in free download on her official website, as a gift for all the friends and fans.

“It’s a pleasure to finally release this special content, free download. Dedicated to all friends, colleagues, supporters. The music will come back, more beautiful and stronger than before!

Ps. A special thanks to Raffaele Pisani, without whom I would have never prepared this gift for you.”


Music lovers, by now, know the deeds of the most important musicians and bands in the world: the albums they produce, the experiences of their long tours, and everything that revolves around their life and career. This perception is different for those bands that, even if they had a nimportant curriculum, are still in a phase of growth aimed at reaching the highest levels of success. They too face long and exhausting tours to try to make themselves known to growing audiences, but their stories hardly manage to have a great resonance.

These bands include the rockers The Shiver, and this book aims to tell the tour experiences of Federica ‘Faith’ Sciamanna’s band, who have nothing to envy to those of their more famous colleagues. Faith tells us the story of their European tour in Fall 2018, with explosive performances on stage, laughter and chatting backstage and among the audience, while walking in the streets of the many European cities they visited. All with a very smooth and linear exhibition cut, to let the reader into an authentic touring experience.


Disturbingly Good


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