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FEED THE WOLVES, the electrifying hard rock quintet hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, has officially launched onto the music scene with their debut single, “Breakaway” that was released through TLG / Virgin Music Group.

FEED THE WOLVES was formed in 2022 by Wally Wood, Joey Rodriguez, Jarrett Conant, Kyle Cogburn, and Chad Corder. The band recorded an EP in 2023 titled Vessel that is comprised of 5 absolute rock hits! Wally Wood and Joey Rodriguez are former members of the band Allele which had hits such as “Closer to Habit” that reached Top 10 at Active Rock Radio, as well as songs that made their rounds on video games Smack Down vs. Raw, TV spots such as Stephen King’s Nightmares and DreamscapesABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Netflix hit show Kobra KaiShowtime’s Nurse Jackie and more.

Chad Corer and Kyle Cogburn are former members of the Orlando, Florida based band Shut Up and Dance, as well as the band Broadway (Uprising Records).

FEED THE WOLVES will be releasing singles throughout 2024 through TLG / Virgin Music Group.

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