Female Metal Fest IV & Women Vocal 187 – eine Vorschau

By Rainer Kerber

Last year I first became aware of the Female Metal Fest in Geneva. This small festival is organized by the local band Alkemy. For this purpose, the musicians founded the non-profit association Wings Music & Events. President of the association is Katia, the singer of the band. Katia has also launched another festival, the “Woman Vocal 187”, which addresses the abuse of women and supports victims of abuse. For organizational reasons, both festivals will be merged into a two-day event this year. Friday, November 30, 2018 is reserved for the second edition of Woman Vocal 187. One day later, on December 1, 2018, the fourth Female Metal Fest is rising. Venue is in the Chemin de l’Avenir 11 (Lancy Genève).

On both days, the guests are already welcomed at the entrance with an acoustic rendition of IN BLOOM, an electro-pop duo from Thonon in France. The festival organizers Alkemy can also be seen and hear on Friday. They jumped in for Ultima Ratio (Switzerland), who unfortunately had to cancel their appearance. I just saw Alkemy at the Voices of the Succubi Festival in Malta. From the Netherlands, the hard rockers Titans Blow will arrive. Revival are a metal band from Vaulx-en-Velin (Lyon region). On Friday I will finally be able to experience Wicked Plan (Büren, Switzerland), after only a brief meeting at Geneva Airport last year. Headliner of the first evening will be Penumbra, a gothic metal band from the French capital Paris.

After the acoustic welcome by IN BLOOM, six bands will enter the stage on the second day. Dead Dog Cafe (Martigny, Switzerland) were founded in November 2007 and claims to play alternative rock / metal. In contrast, the Lyon GoneZilla will present Doom Metal. From the Rhône-Alpes region come Sceau de l’Ange and then provide a Progressive Metal splash of color. I was able to see the Death Metal band Maryrium from Malta twice, most recently about one year ago in Hamburg. And a few weeks ago, I met the new singer Sandra at the Voices of the Succubi, with her own band Nekrodelirium. I already know some members of the band Chaoseum (Switzerland) from a show by Elferya at the Autumn Moon Festival in Hameln. However, singer Lola and guitarist Loïc show up in their new band from a slightly harder side. The headliners of the second evening will be Secret Rule. The band around frontwoman Angela Di Vincenzo has invited many prominent guest musicians for both previous studio albums, such as Henning Basse (Firewind, MaYan), Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica), Timo Somers (Delain) or Ailyn Giménez (ex-Sirenia). Since I’m quite curious about the stage performance of the tribe cast (after band information a quartet).

The list of the individual bands promises a varied weekend. I will meet many friends again, but I will see most of the bands for the first time. Also this year, the organizers have launched a crowdfunding campaign where you can buy tickets and various VIP packages: https://wemakeit.com/projects/4th-female-metal-fest-2018?locale=en

SECRET RULE – “Twin Flames” feat. Henning Basse: https://youtu.be/1aCkK5aX4Sk
CHAOSEUM – Lilith: https://youtu.be/c7Gu8Oj_z5o
Martyrium – “Necropendulum”: https://youtu.be/ZZfePHyqiLo
Sceau de l’Ange – “Urgente théurgie”: https://youtu.be/8crwTK02xso
Penumbra – Aion: https://youtu.be/lVQQyAhnNY0
GoneZilla Inferno: https://youtu.be/EiNi4XexAbM
WICKED PLAN: https://youtu.be/prjx-Qp0l1w
ALKEMY – Phantom of the Opera Nightwish cover: https://youtu.be/uVsPDqyojO8

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