Finnegan’s Hell ‘Work is the Curse of the Drinking Class’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Heptown Records/Folk-Rock/Celtic Punk

When thinking of Celtic punk, the finger is immediately drawn to New England, but with Finnegan’s Hell, we head in the opposite direction to Sweden. Now, that is an odd thought for a country that did not have a large influx of Irish immigration in the 19th century, but Finnegan’s Hell deliver a sound that shows the Gaelic blood runs strong throughout their veins with the Swedes ready to release their third studio album ‘Work is the Curse of the Drinking Class’.

Starting with an Oscar Wilde quote shows the calibre that can be expected with this album. Yes, every song can be a little clichéd, pretty much all centred around shagging and drinking; however, there is something exceptionally likeable about ‘Work…’, it appeals to a primal instinct that can’t help but simply be enjoyed. Moreover, ‘Work…’ is more than just tin whistles, accordions and salutes to Dropkick Murphys and The Pogues, tracks such as the Eastern flavour to ‘Tokyo Town’, the almost psychedelic Iron Butterfly-esque heavy 60’s style of ‘Whiskey, Rum, Gin and Wine’ and the heartfelt closing ballad ‘When I’m Dead’, a track which has all the poignant nature of a Motörhead ballad show this album is more than just the sum of its parts.

This album may not appeal to everyone, but there is a certain charm to ‘Work…’ that makes it difficult to not enjoy and within its genre, ‘Work…’ will be difficult to beat this year. Rightly so.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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