Finnish heavy rock band Frail is making an impressive comeback

A decade of silence comes to an end – Finnish heavy rock band Frail is making an impressive comeback

Photographer: Jarno Hämäläinen

Frail surprised their fans in the fall of 2021 by announcing they were making a comeback and working on their new full-length album. Now, the first single and music video from this second full-length album, which was worked on during the winter of 2021-22, will be released. Frail’s latest single Children of Depravity deals with human evil in an angry, dark and self-reflective way. The main questions of the song are: What causes young people in particular to commit atrocities against each other, for example, in the school world, what could society do to avoid tragedies, and do we see the evil that lurks in ourselves.

“Children of Depravity wasn’t necessarily planned as the first single, but the bad news from around the world during the summer made us think that this topic is important. That’s why we wanted to bring up this theme right away. Many young people feel bad and more should be done about it. On the other hand, the song also highlights the fact that there is potential evil living within each of us, which would be good to recognize.”

Musically, Children of Depravity is an interesting combination of even different genres.

“The original vision of the song was this: Paramore meets System of A Down meets Muse. In my opinion, we have succeeded quite well in this,” says Tarmo Kellomäki, the composer and lyricist of the song.

Listen to the single:

Check the music video:

The music video for the song was made in collaboration with a Finnish cheerleader group of Jyväskylä Jaguars Spirit Athletes (JSA), who do important work for the mental health and empowerment of young people.

“We wanted to build that kind of American highschool / college atmosphere in the video. The guys at JSA were great and we thought we could put together a good whole.”

The song was recorded in Jyväskylä Finland for Electric Fox Studios under the tender care of producer Tuomas Kokko.

New material is expected from Frail throughout the winter.

Frail is:
Tarmo Kellomäki – vocals
Joel Hekkala – guitars
Otto Kulhomäki – bass
Jussi Järvi – drums

1. Children of Depravity
ISRC: FI-3FC-22-95201

Composed by Tarmo Kellomäki
Lyrics by Tarmo Kellomäki