By the end of a dark 2020, on November 13rd former DARK TRANQUILLITY guitarist, Niklas Sundin, released his second and critically acclaimed MITOCHONDRIAL SUN solo- album, entitled Sju Pulsarer, through Argonauta Records. Building upon Sundin’s debut, which was released not even a year ago, MITOCHONDRIAL SUN is his first public foray into different musical realms.

The core here is still electronic and instrumental as on the debut, but Sju Pulsarer displays a different and probably more “black metal” aspect of Sundin’s eclectic project. If the first album mainly consisted of quiet meditations on space and time, his Sju Pulsarer (Swedish for “Seven pulsars”) throws the listener into the eye of a relentless cosmic storm, where layers of sound are shattered and rebuilt to the rhythm of ferocious percussion. As opposed to the first album, where every track had its own instrumentation and sonic signature, these songs are very uniform in style: Fast, urgent and chaotic, but still full of emotionally charged melodies and atmospheric soundscapes lurking beneath the surface.

While Sju Pulsarer was released on all digital platforms last November, it‘s finally also now available as an LP and CD edition. To celebrate the physical album release, MITOCHONDRIAL SUN has just premiered a brand new video for the album closing track, Pulsar 7! Dive into the cosmos of Niklas Sundin’s blistering solo- album and watch the epic, new video clip right here:

“Pulsar 7 – being the final song of the album – ends the record on a fairly positive note, which might be surprising considering how the rest of “Sju Pulsarer” sounds.“ Says the multi-instrumentalist about the song. “Despite the frantic drums and heavy distortion, the chord progressions and melodies have an uplifting and empowering quality to them. I hope that you’ll all enjoy it and give the album a spin or two now that it’s available in physical format.“

Sju Pulsarer was mixed and mastered in the renowned Nacksving studio in Gothenburg with Anders Lagerfors at the helm, and was released digitally on November 13, 2020. Finally, the Vinyl and CD edition is available to purchase at THIS LOCATION! 

For More Info About MITOCHONDRIAL SUN Visit:

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