FURIOUS JANE Release First Single + Video ‘Rodeo 69’!

Rodeo 69′, the first single of FURIOUS JANE is released now through Volcano Records & Promotion!

FURIOUS JANE is a brand new alternative rock band from Italy that today releases the video of Rodeo 69, a powerful hit that seems to well represents the new Italian wave talking about modern rock. The band managed and produced by Alex Liccardo, guitarist of Hangarvain and owner of the independent record label Volcano Records & Promotion, is a four pieces rock ensemble with a very unique and personal voice surrounded by a powerful and solid rhythmic section. 

The video of Rodeo 69 has been produced by Tetra Vision and narrates the toxic relation between a boy and a girl like a symbol of any addiction such as alcohol or drugs. 

The band will play this tune for the first time at Back To The Rock Party, the festival presented by Volcano Records & Promotion that will take place the next May 21st in the sunny Naples, hometown of Furious Jane. 

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