Grab The New Vinyl “Strike #3” From ATOMIC TRIP

Tentacles Industries – Grab The New Vinyl “Strike #3” From ATOMIC TRIP To Be Immersed in Sonic Fuzz And Cosmic Riffs

L-R: Jean-Claude VanDoom (Guitar) | Grom Tattooer (Drums) | Gary McDoom (Guitar)
Photo Credit – Alispictures

France’s Atomic Trip released their third album this past October and coming up this March 2023, they will have it on vinyl available for purchase. Doomy and sludgy, “Strike #3” is a breath of sweet smoke and a head full of fuzz. Comprised of two lengthy tracks “Bomb #5” and “Bomb #6”, prepare for heavy doses of electric riffs. The band shares their excitement:

“We are so proud of our third album. We think that we have pushed all barriers to keep our motto: less is more. With a few riffs, we have made a progressive psychedelic doom masterpiece. Here the most simple becomes the most complex and every single note weighs a ton. A ton of harmonics, of resonance, of feedback. When we first played those tracks live, we were not confident and hesitated, but people reacted so well! From dark basements to the bigger stages on metal festivals, it has always been a total blast, from the top to the final drum hit. To describe Strike #3 in one sentence: like it or loathe it, you cannot ignore it.”

Fans familiar with Atomic Trip will not be disappointed in “Strike #3”; the sequel of “Strike #2” and Strike #1, it is even more crushing, and even more “in your face” than its predecessors. “Bomb #5” is full of finesse and heaviness, a fuzz apocalypse, and a cavalcade of mad drumming. “Bomb #6” interjects with penetrating feedback and toms rolls, and psychedelic heaviness. The last two last leaden minutes of it will completely twist your brain.

The album was mixed and mastered by Alexandre Borel and the album artwork was done by Jean-Luc Navette. Best served with a couple of brews and a joint, Atomic Trip is providing the soundtrack for a hazy evening and a cosmic trip so sit back and relax. They are recommended for fans of Conan, Bongripper, and Electric Wizard.

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“Strike #3” can be hard via Atomictrip.bandcamp.comSpotify.

Live Video – Live Full Concert 4K @ Le Michelet – Nantes, France – April 2022 –

Track Listing:
1. Bomb #5 – 24:12
2. Bomb #6 – 20:47
Album Length: 45:00

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About: The dope factory has exploded, inhale the smoke, and prepare to trip. First, the violent blast of fuzz hits you in the face, then you board for a journey into blurry and muzzy dreams. Plug your darkest fuzz, light your joint, uncap your booze and feel the raw power of doom. We’re all atomic zombies trippin’ on slow riffs.