Greek underground legends Agnes Vein release new single and announce new LP

‘Deathcall’ streaming now

Deathcall LP available 17th December via Venerate Industries

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Agnes Vein, kings of the Greek underground, are proud to unveil their stunning new single ‘Deathcall’.

Premiered via Decibel, the video for ‘Deathcall’ can be viewed here:

The track is the first glimpse of the veteran band’s new record, Deathcall, released 17th December via Venerate Industries.

Pre-order Deathcall here:

After a 20 year career, Agnes Vein have found themselves at yet another crossroads.

The blackened doom trio, with a storied history behind them, are carrying the deep marks of 2020 as they look to release their huge new album Deathcall.

One could argue this is not the first time the seasoned band from Thessaloniki has come up against a tough situation. Forming in 2004 and releasing their …Of Chaos And Law EP the band have had a long line of shows, each leaving a scar on their process.

In 2010 Agnes Vein formed their partnership with Venerate Industries and released their Duality LP. Making a great impression on the Greek underground, the album manifested the influences of BathoryCandlemassNeurosis and Celtic Frost and was a landmark in the local genre.

Agnes Vein went on then to support Electric WizardPrimordial and Rotting Christ, before stewing on their brilliantly dark Soulship LP, released 2013. The slow, heavy and bleak sentiment of the record however wore off on the whole band’s existence and in the years that followed the struggles stacked up, leading to a change in line-up and a long, slow fermentation of their new record, Deathcall.

Appearances with Neurosis and Mantar left their mark too on Agnes Vein – both bands bearing some influence on the brilliantly dark, methodically heavy Deathcall. Elements too of CandlemassYob and younger bands like Conjurer can be heard – a brutal mix of doom, black and sludge metal. Agnes Vein’s standing in the Greek underground is a welcome reflection of the quality and diversity on display.

Agnes Vein are:

Foivos Hatzis (Drums)
Lefteris Kasmiris (Bass)
Sakis Kioses (Guitar, Vocals)

For more information:

1. Deathcall
2. Vultures Hymn (Praise Bounteous)
3. Sovereign Star
4. They Who Neared The Portals
5. Rara Null
6. The Golgotha Entanglement


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