Listen to Harmoniaq’s new single “A Calamity Unforetold”; New album set to be released on April

Established in the summer of 2017, Harmoniaq is a growing band from the Gatineau/Ottawa area
that has known how to grasp the attention of their local scene thanks to their energetic live appearances.
Their music has been described as death metal with thrash, melodic and black metal elements that, put together, create catchy songs with an interesting blend of genres.

The Forest of Torment was recorded with Mitchi Dimitriadis, the freelance audio engineer.
This EP not only marks Harmoniaq’s first release, but it also represents Mitchi’s first professional recording as an audio engineer.

Release title: The Forest of Torment
Release date: 30-04-2022
Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital

1. The Forest of Torment
2. Warmageddon
3. Death Knell
4. A Calamity Unforetold
5. The Void

André Dubien – All Vocals
Miguel Marcheterre-Pina – Rhythm/Lead/Clean Guitars
Jean-François Lévesque – Rhythm/Lead/Clean Guitars
Jacob Collins -Drums
Adam Semler – Fretless Bass



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