Wounds of Carnival is the second studio EP and third official material. Recorded at Estación Sur (Icho Cruz, Córdoba) and produced by Nahuel Pacheco and Federico Murúa , between July and December 2021.

It has six unreleased songs; and the instrumental spectrum is expanded by adding layers of sound and nuances that reflect an evolution of the band playing for ten years. 


The objectives with this new material is to continue in the career as a band adding songs to make themselves known, especially through digital platforms. In addition, as far as possible, present it at different points in the province of Córdoba and the country. 

About False Count

The band was born in 2011 as a result of the merger of other local projects, with an idea of ​​making their own songs from the beginning, pointing to a rock style with songs where different influences are appreciated. Thus the band forged its own sound and aesthetic style. 


“We were taking it, improvising a little with the protocols and restrictions. With all the creativity possible. We made streamings, many of which were recorded on YouTube, although the possibility of playing with the public again gave us another push, since the first leg and back with the people is something totally different. Not to mention that we took the opportunity to get into the studio and record Wounds of Carnival” 


False Count is looking for a new sound. They went from four to six members in the permanent formation, since Juampi Arenillas (keyboards) and Ramiro Grassi (guitars) joined the project, made up of Pablo Alberione (guitars), Juaco Grassi (drums), Martín Ledesma (bass) and Atilio Raggi (voice) The idea is to present the new album in the short term and put in several presentations regarding 2022.-