IN APHELION Release Age-Gated Lyric Video for Title Track, “Reaperdawn”

The title track is a straight-forward punch in the face”, says SebastianRamstedt (guitar and vocals). “Here we join the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ cult in their last hour waiting for the vessel in the sky. The whole album centers more or less around cults and sun worship, but this is right on point. Stay with us until the dawn will free us from our sins. The reaper will be sure to leave no one behind.

Check out the lyric video that is age-gatedHERE

A new force is awakening with IN APHELION. Stretching the boundaries of consciousness. Devouring everything in its path. Ushering in the “Reaperdawn”, that is scheduled for a release August 9th, 2024. IN APHELION could be the ultimate extreme metal adrenalin rush. It is the euphoric, black metal brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Sebastian Ramstedt (best known as guitarist and songwriter with Necrophobic).

Darker, stranger, more epic and progressive than admirers of his work were expecting, this new outlet for dark, artistic expression emerged firmly tethered to the white-knuckle viciousness of benchmark, Northern European black metal, while also exhibiting a profound affiliation with both classic, traditional heavy metal and the black magic of psychedelic repetition. Based around a core line-up of Ramstedt (guitar/vocals), drummer Marco Prij (also Cryptosis), rhythm guitarist Johan Bergebäck (Necrophobic) and bassist Tobias Cristiansson (Necrophobicex-Grave…), IN APHELION have taken the uncompromising DIY route to their current status as new Century Media signees.

The atmosphere of “Reaperdawn” is a swirling maelstrom of obsidian sparkle and iridescent grime. Stay tuned to watch it arise!

“Reaperdawn” will be available in the following formats with first preorders already up

IN APHELION previously released two videos from “Reaperdawn” already:
“When All Stellar Light Is Lost”:
“A Winter Moon’s Gleam”:

Line-up (left to right):
Marco Prij – Drums
Tobias Cristiansson – Bass
Sebastian Ramstedt – Guitar / Vocals
Johan Bergebäck – Rhythm Guitar

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