Kanonenfieber releases new single/video, “Panzerhenker”; reveals all details for new anti-war album, ‘Die Urkatastrophe’

[Album artwork by: Daniel Bechthold @bechthold.illustrator]

Nur der Tod gewinnt im Krieg
[“Only death succeeds in war”]

On September 20th, blackened death metal outfit Kanonenfieber will release their sophomore album, Die Urkatastrophe, via Century Media Records. For a preview of the record, a video for the new single, “Panzerhenker”, can be viewed now HERE.

Kanonenfieber explains about the back story of “Panzerhenker”: “The Battle of Cambrai took place from November 20 to 30, 1917 and marked the first offensive in which tanks played a decisive role in the attack strategy. The British carried out the attack with the support of battle and auxiliary tanks as well as an intensive barrage. The offensive was halted by German counterattacks. With the help of anti-tank field guns the Germans managed to take out a large number of the British tanks. J. Krüger, who was known as the ‘Panzerhenker’ (= Tankslayer / Tank Executioner), played an important role in this. Even when his battery was wiped out, Krüger remained as the last survivor at a field gun and destroyed up to 16 of the approaching tanks. When enemy assault troops penetrated his positions, he attacked with a pistol and was eventually wounded and captured.

Regarding Die Urkatastrophe – “The First World War accelerated the path to modernity and is considered the ‘Die Urkatastrophe’ (= ‘primal catastrophe’) of the 20th century, which was characterized by wars, violence and displacement. Around 17 million people, soldiers and civilians lost their lives, large parts of Europe were destroyed and unresolved problems were left behind, which led to further violent conflicts. This album is dedicated to the victims of the First World War, so they are not forgotten. May their fates be a warning for all following generations even after more than 100 years,” says Noise, who records all instruments in the studio and who is also responsible for the concept of Kanonenfieber.

The previously released single/lyric video, “Menschenmühle” (= Human Mill), can also be seen HERE.
*The video comes with an English translation as subtitles.

Pre-order Die Urkatastrophe now at: https://kanonenfieber.lnk.to/DieUrkatastrophe – where the album is available in the following formats

  • Ltd. Deluxe transp. sand-dark red colored splattered 2LP Artbook
  • Ltd. Deluxe orange-black splattered 2LP Artbook (1000x) from Kanonenfieber
  • Ltd. CD Mediabook & Patch
  • Ltd. Gatefold transp. orange LP & LP-Booklet
  • Ltd. Gatefold transp. olive green-white splattered LP & LP-Booklet (300x) at cmdistro.de
  • Ltd. Gatefold transp. bottle green-bone colored-black splattered LP & LP-Booklet (500x) at cmdistro.de and various other retailers
  • Ltd. Gatefold transp. violet-black splattered LP & LP-Booklet (300x) at Nuclear Blast and Impericon
  • Ltd. Gatefold black-orange-white splattered LP & LP-Booklet (500x) from Kanonenfieber
  • Ltd. Gatefold white-orange-black splattered LP & LP-Booklet (500x) from Kanonenfieber
  • Ltd. Gatefold translucent ruby LP & LP-Booklet (US version) at centurymedia.store and various other retailers
  • Standard CD Jewelcase 
  • black LP
  • Digital Album

Die Urkatastrophe track-listing:
1. Grossmachtfantasie
2. Menschenmühle
3. Sturmtrupp
4. Der Maulwurf
5. Lviv zu Lemberg
6. Waffenbrüder
7. Gott mit der Kavallerie
8. Panzerhenker
9. Ritter der Lüfte
10. Verdun
11. Ausblutungsschlacht
12. Als die Waffen kamen

As with its predecessor, Kanonenfieber’s second album Die Urkatastrophe is based on factual reports, letters and original documents from the surviving and deceased soldiers from the First World War. Its intent is not to glorify, because there is no glory in war. Everyone loses – their lives, their souls, their humanity. War is often depicted in an abstract way, through numbers and statistics. Kanonenfieber aim to tell the stories of the nameless and the faceless in order to allow for a small glimpse of their personal horrors, and thereby the larger scale horror for mankind as a whole.

Kanonenfieber’s black and death metal isn’t meant to solely entertain, but also educate and raise awareness against the glorification of war. Die Urkatastrophe was recorded with Kristian Kohle (Powerwolf, Aborted, Benighted and many more) at Kohlekeller Studio, and features guitarist Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn on the song “Waffenbrüder”.

Kristian Kohle says: “We worked hard to take the Kanonenfieber sound to the next level. This one is hands down more aggressive, deeper and more intense than anything they have done before. Buckle up!

Maik Weichert comments: “Kanonenfieber electrifies me both as a musician and as a historian. The relentless musical power and melodics as well as the detailed work with authentic sources are really something very special in this form. No flat clichés or superficial provocations, but a highly creative musical mosaic with a clear attitude that shows us one of the darkest chapters in human history. I am really looking forward to holding the finished record in my hands and immersing myself in the music and the stories.

This summer, Kanonenfieber will support Amon Amarth and Insomnium as well as appear at some of the biggest festivals across Europe, before embarking on an extensive European tour soon after Die Urkatastrophe’s release. See below for all dates!

Kanonenfieber live 2024

Aug. 5, 2024 – (CH) Zürich – Halle 622 (with Amon Amarth, Insomnium)
Aug. 19, 2024 – (IT) Lignano-Sabbiadoro – Arena Alpe Adria (with Amon Amarth, Insomnium)
Aug. 20, 2024 – (AT) Innsbruck – Dogana (with Amon Amarth, Insomnium)
Aug. 22, 2024 – (DE) Saarbrücken – Saarlandhalle (with Amon Amarth, Insomnium)
Aug. 23, 2024 – (DE) Giessen – Kloster Schiffenberg (with Amon Amarth, Insomnium)
Aug. 24, 2024 – (NL) Utrecht – Tivoli Vredenburg (with Amon Amarth, Insomnium)
Sept. 20, 2024 – (DE) Weimar – Herbstoffensive
Sept. 21, 2024 – (DE) Munich – Backstage
Nov. 8, 2024 – (DE) Berlin – War Against War

Contra proudly presents:
Kanonenfieber tour 2024
Nov. 16, 2024 – (DE) Leipzig – Hellraiser
Nov. 17, 2024 – (PL) Gdansk – Drizzly Grizzly
Nov. 19, 2024 – (AT) Vienna – Flex
Nov. 20, 2024 – (HU) Budapest – Barba Negra
Nov. 21, 2024 – (PL) Krakow – Hype Park
Nov. 22, 2024 – (CZ) Prague – Club Storm
Nov. 23, 2024 – (DE) Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
Nov. 24, 2024 – (NL) Utrecht – De Helling
Nov. 26, 2024 – (UK) London – The Dome
Nov. 27, 2024 – (FR) Paris – Petit Bain
Nov. 28, 2024 – (CH) Pratteln – Z7 Konzertfabrik
Nov. 29, 2024 – (AT) Dornbirn – Conrad Sohm
Nov. 30, 2024 – (BE) Kortrijk – DVG Club
Dec. 2, 2024 – (SE) Stockholm – Kollektivet Livet
Dec. 3, 2024 – (NO) Oslo – John Dee
Dec. 4, 2024 – (DK) Copenhagen – Pumpehuset
Dec. 5, 2024 – (DE) Magdeburg – Factory
Dec. 6, 2024 – (DE) Bremen – Aladin
Dec. 7, 2024 – (DE) Frankfurt – Batschkapp
Dec. 8, 2024 – (DE) Nuremberg – Hirsch

About Kanonenfieber
Germany’s Kanonenfieber released their first album, Menschenmühle, in 2021. Since then the band played several highly successful tours and their elaborate, dramatic live shows shook crowds and left them speechless at renowned festivals such as Summer Breeze, Party.San and Dong Open Air.

Kanonenfieber is the brainchild of Noise, who writes and records all of their music. For live shows he is accompanied by friends who allow him to focus on taking care of the vocals and the bombastic stage performance. 

Noise started Kanonenfieber in 2020 after reading through his deceased great-grandfather’s diary that he wrote at the frontlines during the First World War. Apart from memories, it was the only thing left of him. A hobby historian and friend of Noise transferred the diary from the original Sütterlin (the historical form of German handwriting) which was gifted as a book to Noise’s grandmother – his great-grandfather’s daughter. When Noise read through the bone chilling first-hand accounts, it became clear that he wanted to dedicate his art to commemorating the countless victims of World War One. The concept that was drafted together with his friend hinges on authenticity, with lyrics and linguistics based on reports, letters and other historical documents. 

The band members including Noise and his live band are deliberately kept anonymous which works as a reference to the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”: monuments in various countries worldwide that commemorate soldiers killed in wars. The horrors of war are universal.


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