Interview With Kittie

By Laura Williams, Vinyl Lollipops, Rock Rage Radio, AL

Kittie is:

Morgan Lander, Mercedes Lander and Tara Mcleod


Laura:  What genre of music do you consider Kittie to be?


Mercedes – I would consider Kittie to be metal. I think anything beyond that would be pigeonholing the band.

Laura: What’s the ultimate direction for your band?


Mercedes – As of right now I feel like we aren’t 100% sure of the direction we are headed. 

We released our 20th anniversary documentary and released a live DVD from our 20th anniversary show in the last year. It’s something that we’ve always wanted to do. 

As for the future we aren’t sure where were headed. Morgan, myself and Tara are all a part of new projects. Morgan just started singing for a band called “Karkaos,” I’ve been singing and playing guitar for a band called, “The White Swan,” for the last 3 years and Tara plays guitar for a band called, “Nice Horse.”

Laura:How would you describe your music making process?  


Mercedes – We always start with music. It can start with an idea or a riff from Morgan, myself or Tara and then it kind of grows from there, usually at a jam session. Lyrics and melody always come last.

Laura:Why call the band, “Kittie?”


Mercedes – So when the band started in 1996 I was 12 years old. The name Kittie, in our young 12, 13, and 14 year old minds, sounded completely contradictory to what our music sounded like.  

Laura:What is the craziest thing that has happened in the past 20 years?


Mercedes – We have literally had so many crazy things happen. Too many to list. 

One time we had a car chase our bus with a drunk girl hanging out of the passenger side window shaking a voodoo doll at us. Super weird!

Laura: What should fans expect to experience at a show?


Mercedes – Not that we will be playing shows any time soon, but I think people should expect to have a great time and head bang a whole lot.

Laura:Typical question here. Who has influenced you the most via music?


Mercedes – I think life in general has influenced us. I think growing up in the music industry really influenced our perception and the content that we ended up writing about. We have always tended to write about personal experiences.  

Laura:How can fans and future fans locate, listen to and buy your music? 


Mercedes – You can find our music pretty much everywhere! Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, you name it!

Laura:Is there anything else you would like your fans to know?


Mercedes – We just want to thank everyone for all of the many years of support and love. We can’t thank you enough. You have made our dreams come true and for that we have the deepest admiration for the Kittie Army.

Laura:What’s coming up next for Kittie?


Mercedes – We will see what happens! In the mean time please check out: The White Swan, Karkos, and Nice Horse.

MHF Magazine/Laura Williams


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