Interview With Strident

By Zohar Belkin

  1. Prologue

STRIDENT is the Origin of the local Thrash Metal scene – they were the first ever to release a full-scale album of Thrash Metal back in 2010. They are one of the pioneers of the local Thrash Scene, formed back in 2004. Today, I got the chance to review the new upcoming album of them called “March of Plague”.

  1. March Of Plague

As a big fan of hard, breaking Thrash Metal this album came up to me just fine. The lyrical themes, about war and religion, is no stranger in the realm of Thrash Metal. These guys build up a great album, filled with aggressive yet melodic rhythms, harsh solos and fierce vocals, to express exactly what that album theme and genre stands for.

“March Of Plague” is one of the tracks of the album, and in this song they incorporated a precise work between the bass guitar and the rhythm guitar, between the back vocals and the growling – it all came out perfectly.

Another track is “Be Metal” – Simple yet crushing track about… Being Metal. The simplicity of it makes it yet another great track from the album.

During the tracks you can hear a lot of condemnation towards world politics, talking about the end of the world and nuclear war, or as the guitarist described it to me – “It’s an Apocalyptic album”.

Eventually, after hearing the whole album while writing this review, I must confess – this album brought me back to my 16-year-old inner self. STRIDENT members made me feel again young and hungry to swallow new music. I give this album a solid 9 out of 10, mostly because this album is doing what it really intended to do – make Thrash Metal punch you in the face so hard you are a teenager again.

  1. STRIDENT members – Questions


  • You guys are celebrating 15 years of existence, which is something hard to come by in the local Metal scene. What you guys can tell us about the long journey you had?

It is scary that we have been around for so long and what we’ve been providing at this time is quite a bit compared to other bands. All this time we were busy getting on a professional level and completing puzzle pieces of the band and just lately we did it, right now I see it as a successful accomplishment! The journey was long, funny and only strengthened us all. I think if we keep up the pace, the next album is not that far.

  • What is the meaning of the album for you guys?

The theme of the album is apocalyptic on the one hand but rhythmic and memorable on the other. Some of the songs have a message that warns of bad things that can be and in some other fun songs that neutralize the atmosphere. For us it’s a success, anyway, let’s see how the metal world gets it. I hope it goes very well.


  • What are your plans as STRIDENT?

We intend to prove our standing among metal listeners in Israel and around the world. Whether it is through the music we put in a lot of content and whether it is through the next shows and whether it is through cool shirts that will soon be selling and whether it is through a tour in Europe that is currently in planning. We are determined to establish our status as a successful and recognizable band in Israel and abroad.

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