This is how we drive a lot of journalists crazy! – Interview with Snei Ap

By Rainer Kerber

Snei Ap have been around for eight years. During this time several EP’s singles and one album were released. However, I heard about the band for the first time this year. At the Metal Queen’s Burning Night, I was also able to experience the quartet around drummer and band founder Sonia Ghirelli live. In October, the Italian release their second album “Escape!” as self-distribution. So, reason enough to ask. And Sonia answered me.

MHF: Hello, I’m Rainer and write for the Metalheads Forever Magazine. Thank you that I can do this interview with you. How are you?

Sonia: Hello Rainer, Sonia speaking, the founder of the band. I’m fine, thank you!  We are very honored to do this interview with you! Thank you for your time.

Snei Ap

MHF: The band now has a long history behind it. Please introduce the band shortly.

Sonia: I have created and seen this band growin’ up, we have many adventures to tell and above all many ideas of growth. The band was founded in 2011. All-female line up. Later the guitarist left the group to insert the only man: Adil. It wasn’t the only line-up change, we had a lot of them, but despite this we released 2 EPs, 2 albums, and 2 singles. Now that the lineup is stable our path will be more than productive.

MHF: What does the band name “Snei App” actually mean? I searched in vain for Italian or Latin dictionaries.

Sonia: Snei Ap means absolutely nothing! We liked the sound and kept it. This is how we drive a lot of journalists crazy!

MHF: “Escape!” Is, to my knowledge, after the EP “Hidden Floors” the first release that you have produced yourself and distributes without the support of a label. Why did you decide to take this step?

Sonia: All our previous CDs and EP boasted collaborations with important labels. But this time we decided to self-produce our new CD. It is a strong choice dictated by the desire to show that, in 2019, those who are behind the music, take advantage of it and definitely don’t believe in what they do. We believe in what we do and, with the skills that we have, we are able to make our way better without throwing money in front of great promises and little security. Excuse me for the brutality but things are changed.  The 80s are over and with the advent of the internet anyone can release and distribute his music. This does not serve to infame the record companies that, do their job, but it’s a warning to all musicians! Open the eyes to reality and adapt to change without being fooled. If you care about your music, inquire and study.

Snei Ap

MHF: How is your songwriting going? Are you responsible for this as a band founder?

Sonia: We’re all responsible for writing the tracks. In addition to my drum line, I write the lyrics of the songs.

MHF: It was not until March 2018 that your EP released “(In) Sane Mind” and since then you have written ten new songs for “Escape!”. From where do you take the ideas for the songs.

Sonia: Hahahaha we are robots! No, I’m joking. I take inspiration from what surrounds me and what I live. I bring the idea to the studio and each of us puts his own. These are topics that all people live or have lived, lyrics and music in which everyone can review themselves. “Escape” speaks about the escape from reality. I could have written 10 more albums on this subject. Are autobiographical works that we feel close to us and therefore are very easy for us to express.

MHF: “Escape” means in Italian “la fuga” (Note: As far as I know). Why did you choose this album name?

Sonia: The translation is perfect! We chose this name to give continuity to the previous EP. “(In) Sane Minds” spoke about crazy people locked in an asylum, “Escape!” instead speaks of the same crazy people trying to escape from the gray reality. It was chosen together!

MHF: In the run-up to the release, the fans could already stream some of the new songs on the Internet. Why did you choose this unusual path?

Sonia: The official release of the album will be on October 12th. We wanted to give our fans the opportunity to listen to single tracks with the opportunity to listen to the entire album on our site.

It seemed like a nice gift to give to the people who follow us!

Snei Ap

MHF: The final song of your album is in Italian. “Io Sono Un Problema” in English means “I am a problem”. Why this title and what is the song about?

Sonia: “Io Sono Un Problema” has a very current text that talks about diversity. Today’s society puts many “modes” in front of you to follow. New thought opportunities that each person can choose. But each of us should be free to decide what to eat, what god to pray for, what thought to have. Many times, if you do not reflect current fashion, you are judged or underestimated. You became a problem for others and for the perfection of the fashion that society has created.

“Io Sono Un Problema” speaks about just that. We are all a problem if we don’t adapt to the currents of thought that pose to us. Well, we decided to think our way and we’re happy to be trouble.

MHF: I’ve read, “Io Sono Un Problema” is your first song in your native language. Why didn’t you write Italian lyrics earlier?

Sonia: We never wrote tracks in Italian because we always thought that our language wouldn’t be suitable for the music we do and would never adapt to our album. “Io Sono Un Problema” has different sounds from the other tracks on the album but anyway we managed to fit it well. It’s a good bet!

Snei Ap

MHF: What are your plans for the future? Will you also perform live outside of your home country?

Sonia: We would love to perform outside of Italy, we hope to have the opportunity soon to organize.  For now, we have many national dates where we focus everything on the promotion of the album but especially of the piece in Italian. Maybe it is appreciated a lot and, who knows, the future could reserve other pieces in Italian.

MHF: Now another question to you and your bandmates. You have the nickname “Wild”. And also, the other Musicians have nicknames (The Lioness, Goz, Damage). Where do they come from?

Sonia: Hahahaha! We’re pretty ironic in this! The nickname WILD was given to me by a local manager after he saw a live performance of mine behind the drums.

Angie is called “The Lioness” for her scratchy voice and curly hair mane.

Adil was initially “Damage” for his yawning but then was changed by himself to “Dreadpirate” for the pirate look and the long dreads he has.

Goz has too long and blasphemous history, let’s forget it! Hahahahah

MHF: I would like to thank you again for the interview. Would you like to say something to the fans at the end?

Sonia: I would like to thank you once again for the time you have dedicated to us and I would like to remind our fans that from 12 October I can find us on all online platforms as well as on our website and our social networks.

Believe in what you do and the world will pay you back! Rock on!

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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