Ironflame On Tour In Europe

Ironflame On Tour In Europe

By Rainer Kerber

Until recently I was not aware of the band Ironflame. Or should I rather say band project. If you look on the Encyclopaedia Metalium, you will find only one name in the lineup: Andrew D’Cagna. He obviously plays all the instruments on the two previous albums. On the Facebook page is also a live cast read. Ironflame come from the Ohio Valley. The Ohio is the largest left tributary of the Mississippi. That’s it for information. The band has announced an European tour for September. So, I asked mastermind Andrew D’Cagna for some more information.

Live lineup

Andrew D’Cagna – Vocals
Quinn Lukas – Guitar
James Babcock – Bass
Jesse Scott – Guitar
Noah Skiba – Drums

Tour dates:

05.09.2019 – Sankt Vith (BE), Triangel
06.09.2019 – Hamburg (DE), Bambi galore
07.09.2019 – Königsee/Thüringen (DE), Kulti
08.09.2019 – Göppingen (DE), Zille
10.09.2019 – Essen (DE), Don’t Panic
11.09.2019 – Mannheim (DE), 7er Club
12.09.2019 – Olten (CH), Coq D’Or
13.09.2019 – Storm Crusher Festival (DE)
14.09.2019 – Hellpower-Festival (DE)
15.09.2019 – Geleen (NL), De Reunie


MHF-Mag: Hello Andrew. I’m Rainer from Metalheads Forever. Thanks for doing this interview. How are you?

Andrew: Hello Rainer, thanks for reaching out! I’m doing great, thank you. The rest of the band and I are very excited to get this European tour started! It has been a lot of hard work and planning building up to this tour and I am sure it will pay off by having great experiences with even greater people and expanding our European fan base in the process. We can’t wait!


MHF-Mag: Until recently, Ironflame was completely unknown to me. Please introduce the band shortly.

Andrew: The live band consists of Quinn Lukas (Icarus Witch) and Jesse Scott on guitar, James Babcock on bass, Noah Skiba on drums and myself on vocals.


MHF-Mag: If I understand correctly, you have both albums recorded alone. How do you do songwriting and album recording?

Andrew: Yes, you are correct. I have a modest recording studio in the basement of my home. I always begin the songwriting process with the guitars. I will sit down with the guitar and record riffs, assemble them into songs and then add the other instruments from there. I usually add drums, bass and vocals in that order. From there I have Quinn and Jesse add guitar solos. I then mix and master the album in-house and that’s it, the album is done.


MHF-Mag: How would you describe your music? Which bands or musicians inspire you?

Andrew: I would call us traditional Heavy Metal with a touch of more modern Heavy Metal thrown in. To me our music sounds like a Metal band that came from the era of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. We don’t go out of our way to try and sound like any one band in particular. But collectively as musicians, we were all inspired by the Heavy Metal heavyweights of that time period. Bands like Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Helloween and Savatage played a pig part in sculpting us as musicians.

MHF-Mag: You will be touring Europe soon. Are these the first appearances outside the United States?

Andrew: This upcoming tour will be our second experience playing Europe. Last year, we had the great honor of playing Keep It True Festival in Germany. It was a great festival. We played in front of a lot of people and gained a lot of new fans. Everyone we met was very cool people and the festival was very well organized. Once we met the fine Metal fans of Europe, we knew we had to return and do a proper tour.


MHF-Mag: Would you like to say something to the fans at the end?

Andrew: We look forward to seeing all you crazy Metalheads on the road in September! Come out and have a blast with us! We promise to bring you the Heavy Metal thunder! Thanks and HEAD BANG FOREVER!

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber