The Italian metallers HOLE IN THE FRAME, which have released a series of highly appreciated tracks in recent months, releases today the single “I Crossed The Line,” a monumental work that conveys a poignant cry against every war and violence. At the heart of the song and the evocative video available on YouTube is the story of Marat, a girl whose innocence and carefree spirit are stolen by war, turning her into a ruthless fighter against the corrupt system that produces suffering and deep pain, especially for the most vulnerable. 

HOLE IN THE FRAME once again demonstrate their ability to fill their granite-like sound with engaged themes and social activism that makes the messages sent through their music powerful and meaningful. Dark metal with crossover influences, a rhythmic section that doesn’t miss a beat, cutting guitars, and a biting voice are the trademark of the group, and “I Crossed The Line” manages to demonstrate further maturity compared to their more recent material, highlighting the desire to emerge and be heard, full of ambition to conquer space and visibility with a single mission: to make quality music. 

The new track by Hole In The Frame is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify through Volcano Records & Promotion, and the video is available on YouTube at the link  below.

hole in the frame copertina – 3

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