Jimbo’s GARAGE releases a new lyric video “Living the hard way”

Photographer: ​Anssi Riihimäki

Led by the former drummer of Lordi and IroncrossJimbo MäkeläinenJimbo’s Garage is a group that mixes the most addictive elements of both modern heavy rock and traditional hard rock. Lead vocals are delivered by experienced performers Taage LaihoMaija Liittokivi and in part also Peter James Goodman. Also the rest of the band is well-marinated in a great number of projects, bringing the total sum of experience reminiscent of American jail sentences, multiple centuries. Jimbo himself is handling songwriting, lyrics, drums and keyboards.

“Living the hard way” is the opening track from the self titled album “Jimbo’s Garage”. Enjoy!

Listen to the album: https://push.fm/fl/jimbosgarage

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Track titles / ISRC codes:
1. Living the Hard Way (FI3FC2240301)
2. Now We’re Strangers (FI3FC2240302)
3. Dancing With the Devil (FI3FC2240303)
4. Dreamer (FI3FC2240304)
5. Wings (FI3FC2240305)
6. Stranger (FI3FC2240306)
7. Hello (FI3FC2240307)
8. Echoes (FI3FC2240308)

Release date: June 17 2022