L.A. Guns ‘The Devil You Know’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Frontiers Records/Hard Rock

For L.A. Guns fans, it was a dream come true when Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns finally got back to writing together for the 2017 album ‘The Missing Peace’ and although this album still had a few issues to iron out, it was received favourably. But what ‘The Missing Peace’ did, was set the scene ready for the latest L.A. Guns offering ‘The Devil You Know’.

‘The Devil You Know’ bursts out of the traps like a fire has been reignited amongst the Guns camp, each track is lovingly crafted in that L.A. Guns style all delivered through an addictive hard rock familiar sheen that makes this album so enjoyable. It is good to see Lewis and Guns firing on all cylinders and what they have created is an album that is full of memorable melodies and catchy hooks that guarantees even those opposed to L.A. Guns will find irresistible. However, the only downside to this album is that most of the songs have an air of familiarity, somewhere that this song has been heard before; little snippets of riffs do just enough to make the listener wince; the track ‘Loaded Bomb’ has all the hallmarks of Led Zeppelin, ‘Down To The Bone’ has all the up-tempo pacing of Elton John and it is difficult to not expect ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ with ‘Gone Honey’ whilst ‘Down That Hole’ has the 70’s Aerosmith swagger with its excellent slide guitar playing whereas the title track summons the heavy blues of ‘Victim Of Changes’ from Judas Priest. Yet, when ‘The Devil…’ is playing, it is difficult to care because this album is just so enjoyable. Yes, Lewis does not have the best voice and it hasn’t really improved since his days in Girl, but for L.A. Guns, it works perfectly fine.

This album is an excellent offering from a band who have recently entered their Halcyon days and any fan of this genre should go out and listen to this album, it will certainly not disappoint.

Rating :84/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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