LITTLE CAESAR Lead Vocalist Ron Young Releases His Autobiography “Judge This Book By Its Cover”

Ron Young, lead vocalist of LITTLE CAESAR, shares his story about getting signed by Geffen Records, having Jimmy Iovine and John Kalodner in your corner, Bob Rock producing your debut album and a tour opening for KISS and how having all of that still didn’t guarantee success in the music business. As one review on Amazon states, “Probably the most honest book about the music business.”

Ron Young had what it takes to make a career in music. He had the talent, the songs, and the backing of a major label (Geffen). His band, Little Caesar, smashed their way onto the music scene—but then it all came crashing down.

Ron’s personal rise and fall began at the hands of an abusive mother. Music was his savior, and rays of hope appeared. However, that hope was ultimately destroyed under constant bad timing, bad luck, and people judging him by how he looked. Then came escape into a heroin addiction and the accompanying darkness. Finally, he found sobriety and a musical resurrection.

Join Ron through his personal story of joy, sorrow, and despair…and find out how he made peace with himself along the way. Through it all, Ron invites you to judge him by his actions, not by what you’ve heard. He urges you to take a closer look…and then judge this book by its cover.

Publisher Steve Olivas, “A runaway favorite, Judge This Book By Its Cover delivers a satisfying emotional connection to Ron Young while it guides the reader through the frustrating maze of his career. We are proud to offer this book to fans of the man, the band, the music industry, and fantastic human interest stories.”

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About Ron Young

Ron Young is the Lead Vocalist for the Los Angeles based, bluesy, hard rock band “Little Caesar. Ron was born in NYC and as we find out in his book “Judge This Book By It’s Cover”, was raised in a chaotic, working class environment. Weened on many forms of music that ultimately became his calling in life, he chose a path of making music for a living. That decision took him out west to Los Angeles in the heyday of the “Hair Metal” bands.

Realizing he didn’t fit in that genre of Rock and Roll, he formed Little Caesar in an attempt to get back to the blues based roots that were predominantly absent in that trend in music. He quickly put together a triumvirate of support with icons of the music industry that included Jimmy Iovine, John Kalodner and Bob Rock. His success seemed unstoppable when within a 4 week period of business catastrophes outside of his control, his career came crashing down to Earth.

His 14 minutes of fame nearly destroyed him and after years of drug abuse and pointless self pity, he rose from the ashes to continue on his journey of making music. He does so with the same band that showed so much promise years back. He continues to create and perform with Little Caesar, feeding their cult like following that they quickly collected some 35 years ago……yet this time the journey is pointed at satisfying the spirit rather than padding the wallet.

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