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Arav Krishnan (IN) Thrash Metal | Post Metal | Progressive Metal

Arav Krishnan is a 17 year old rock/metal musician, producer and mixing and mastering engineer from Bangalore, India. He is heavily influenced by old school thrash metal, melodic death metal, post rock, post metal, progressive metal and a lot more. The music Arav writes experiments with many subgenres of metal.

The music tends to change and adapt with each release, as he explores different sounds and metal subgenres, ranging all the way from modern metal with his debut album, Horizon, to instrumental progressive thrash with the EP, Wayfinder, to melodic instrumental hard rock with the single Ascent. Thrash metal, groove and post rock/metal also find their way into previous and upcoming releases.

Arav is also the vocalist of Bangalore based progressive metalcore outfit Skelos, and the frontman and lead guitarist of the grunge/alt band, Ebb+Flow. Arav Krishnan hopes you enjoy his music and keep it metal!

Arav Krishnan is:
Arav Krishnan – Vocals/Guitars/Composition

Band links: Official Website | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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