Lost Sacrament is a dark, symphonic power metal band from Texas.
Lead by vocalist Ena Estrella and drummer VC Fernandez, the project began as a collaboration in 2017, and later evolved into an active performing band with the addition of the two guitar players  Felipe Hernandez and Pete Oliva as full time members, later becoming active in Texas music scene. 
   From 2017 until January  of 2021, the band focused its efforts into playing live and recording its debut album “Praesidio in Animo” (Released in January 2021).
 The album was recorded and produced by Joshua Lopez at Widowmaker Studios (McAllen, TX). 
Ena has an amazing and unique voice and LS is a powerful band with a different sound.
Voice of illusion it’s a great song of the new álbum and very recommended.

Instagram: @LostSacrament_Band
Twitter: @Lost_Sacrament


Disturbingly Good


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