Manach Seherath – Timeless Tales Album Review

Manach Seherath – Timeless Tales

Album Review By David Kerber

Founded in 2012 as a new playground by Mich Crown (ex-Last Frontier), the first demo was released in 2013. However, it took until 2018 for the first album. It did not cause a lot of attention (at least internationally). Manach Seherath, which roughly means “to draw from the source”, has so far not really got beyond the role of an insider tip in the underground. For the most part, it is probably due to the fact that Timeless tales was self-released.

In contrast to the demo, Timeless tales begins with the splashing of water, followed by a narration that is whispered again in the background. Slow build-up of piano and strings then leads to the first song “The cursed collector”. This begins very symphonically and with choral singing. Musically it reminds me of Therion, with the voice more like Eric Clayton from Saviour Machine. “Swords in the mist” is almost speed metallic. The double bass buzzes, the guitar hits a groovy solo and the keyboard creates atmosphere in between. A beguiling female voice introduces “Chasing the beast” before it starts with a lot of double bass and a certain epic. In between, calm tones are also struck, to which Mitch sings quite emotionally. The last two tracks “The legend of a heart” and “A timeless trilogy” are each divided into two respectively three parts and form the epic conclusion of the album. Guitar and keyboard walls, mysterious whispered incantations, double bass and solos alternate. The songs remind me a little of the first Edguy album, which had similar moments, especially on the title track.

In terms of production technology, you can tell that the album was produced in-house. Although the sound is much better than the demo, the drums in particular still sound a bit muffled. Otherwise, the Italians made a remarkable long player debut, which should easily convince fans of Symphonic / Epic Metal. The only downside: The album can only be ordered from the band itself via their Facebook or website. It’s definitely worth it.

Manach Seherath – Asleep:


Mich Crown – Vocals
Cyrion Faith – Keyboards
Gianluca Gagliardi – Guitars
Lukas Blacksmith – Bass
Carlo Chiappella – Drums

Label: Self release

Out: January 20th, 2018

Playing time: 47:46

Track list:

  • The Waters Of Acheron
  • The Cursed Collector
  • Swords In The Mist
  • Chasing The Beast
  • Asleep: The Legend Of A Heart Pt.1
  • Restless: The Legend Of A Heart Pt.2
  • Arti Manthano: A Timeless Trilogy Pt.1
  • Timeless: A Timeless Trilogy Pt.2
  • All In All: A Timeless Trilogy Pt.3

Rating : 7.5/10

MHF Magazine/David Kerber