Alternative rock band created  in 2015. With a fusion of styles and sounds, different rhythms and a personal touch of each of the members make Miss Arpia a fresh and different band.

With more than seven years of careers, there hace two LP’s  and one EP.

Members: Alexandra Miss Boss (Voice), Matt (Guitar), Cheché (bass) and  Luis (drums )

The new release of their version of the iconic song by DEPECHE MODE, “PERSONAL JESUS” it’s very original cover and have the style of miss arpia. 

Personal Jesus, it has been a great inspiration and influence for the band, grew up listening to Depeche Mode, and it is a song that will never go out of fashion and is a hymn, but on this occasion, they decide to experiment and play with more organic sounds until the song had a creative part of the band.

The cover will be included in your next 3rd album “CON PER”.

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