Pattern is a band formed since 2015 they started as Thrash Metal project and eventually defined their musical style and they giving to the final sound with this great material.


Francisco Mera – Rhythm Guitars, Vocals, Synths
Jorge Gallardo – Lead Guitars
Rob F – drums 

Undivine Trial is an EP talk about  depression, self-contempt, animal abuse and hypocrisy of religions around the world.

The album begins with Zarah, the story of a witch who is burned by her actions and her constant clashes with the ideological head of her village, she decides to be faithful to Satan as opposed to God when she notices that the latter promises, hurts and causes calamities to the people of her people.

The second song  of the disk is Trapped in a Rotten World, which talks about how people get pleasure for hurting other living things, and even though there are civil organizations, laws, fines, etc. against these people, eventually, all people become spectators or consumers of that evil.

The third theme, Everlasting Soreness, talks about depression, self-sabotage, how a person is able to relate to others but who cannot feel identified with anyone and sees a solution to ending their own life, but he is afraid of staying in the dark.

Finally, the last theme is called Raped By God and talks about how religion is a method of subjugation planned and perfected with the passage of centuries and how people use it to justify their intolerance and actions against others.




Disturbingly Good


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