Mobina Galore ‘Don’t Worry’

Album Review By Adam McCann

New Damage Records/Gunner Records/Pop/Punk/Alternative Rock

Throughout the current decade, there has been somewhat of a revival of interest in the alternative rock scene. Although many of these bands have not yet reached the dizzy heights of their predecessors, the internet has allowed many of these bands to gain dedicated fans worldwide and Mobina Galore are no exception. The Canadian duo are nearly a decade into their career and this year has the band returning with their third full-length studio album ‘Don’t Worry’.

Fans of Mobina Galore will be overjoyed to see that with ‘Don’t Worry’, the duo really take a step forward in their song writing and delivery; this is an album of tracks which haven’t been written on a five minute punk whim, but instead, are thought out and pre-conceived with their objective in mind to push the band furtherer into the spotlight. Yet, with ‘Don’t Worry’, Mobina Galore have lost none of their punk attitude as the duo bounce along with upbeat melodies that it are difficult to not enjoy. Tracks such as ‘Escape Plan’, ‘California’ and ‘Back on the Beginning’ have all the 90’s nostalgia of pop/punk in its prime, having all the appeal of Blink 182, Rancid and The Offspring, particularly during the latter track with its huge whiffs of ‘Self Esteem’. Yet, this isn’t all whimsically lusting for the long summer of 2001, there is a deep undercurrent of grunge that also torrents along with ‘Don’t Worry’ with vocalist and guitarist Jenna Priestner delivering a power chord performance alongside scratching vocals that would turn on fans of early Hole or The Distillers, but also the albums more sombre moments such as the closing ‘Four Hours of Sleep’ have all the beautiful harmonies of The Breeders.

‘Don’t Worry’ is a very enjoyable album, it shows Mobina Galore are ready to fight it out on the big stage with their dynamic and powerful songs; sure, some of the tracks on this album aren’t as memorable as the others, but if you’re looking for an alternative rock album to brighten up your day/month/year then look no further than ‘Don’t Worry’.

Rating : 73/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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