Wormwitch ‘Heaven That Dwells Within’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Prosthetic Records/Black Metal/Crust

Wormwitch blasted onto the scene back in 2015/16, all this excitement and anticipation was  rewarded by an exceptional debut album ‘Strike Mortal Coil’ released in 2017. On this massive high, the Canadians returned to writing and now the band have unleashed their sophomore album ‘Heaven That Dwells Within’ this year.

‘Heaven That…’ blasts forward with all the raw energy that has come to be expected from a black metal or crust band. This means that as a release, this album is not too dissimilar to the debut album from Wormwitch; this means that those expecting something a little different will be disappointed, with ‘Heaven That…’ being very much the sister album to ‘Strike Mortal Coil’. However, this does not stop Wormwitch from delivering another great album; tracks such as ‘Two Wolves’, ‘Spirit Braid’, ‘Iron Woman’ and ‘Dancing In The Ashes’ are exceptionally enjoyable appealing to fans of Tribulation and Black Breath, but also having a touch of the later works of Dissection. Furthermore, what ‘Heaven That…’ has that makes it so enjoyable are flourishes of melody that gives this album the memorability it so deserves giving it the more crust elements of millennium era Darkthrone.

In the grand scheme of things; ‘Heaven That…’ is an album that shows that there isn’t much progression in the Wormwitch world. Yet, this does not take away from the fact that the band have released an album which, beside this, is still a decent album that deserves to be heard.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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