Monolith on the Mesa 2022 Festival Announcement


with Mars Red Sky, The Obsessed, Nebula, Eyehategod, 
Stöner, The Freeks, Mondo Generator, Yawning Man and others

Monolith on the Mesa takes place September 16th, 17th, 18th, 2022 at Taos Mesa Brewing The Mothership outside of Taos, NM. Tickets are on sale now HERE

Line-up also includes The Atomic Bitchwax, Warhorse, Eagle Twin, Year of the Cobra, REZN, Heavy Temple, Red Mesa and more.

The festival line-up is focused on heavy riff-rock acts from across multiple sub-genres including stoner rock, heavy psych, doom metal, sludge, drone, and retro rock. The festival grounds compliment the mind bending sounds of the bands. The unique aspect of this event is certainly the high desert mesa location. The venue offers a full view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The starry night sky is life altering on its own, but coupled with the sonic vibrations, it becomes truly transcendent.

“Monolith on the Mesa is perhaps the most important new music festival,” says Lance Gordon of Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show. He adds: “The festival is a shared vision between Dano Sanchez and Roman Barham. Creating a true art and music experience with an edge to it! Sadly Dano passed — but not the vision! Roman is carrying the torch and Mad Alchemy is extremely excited to liquefy the night in Taos again this year.”

“Here at Monolith On The Mesa we wanna keep everyone safe from COVID. So please, if you are sick do not come to the festival,” says Roman Barham, festival co-founder and talent buyer. “Since it is an outdoor festival we leave it up to patrons if they wanna wear a mask or not. We will have hand sanitizing stations readily available. On a “high” note, the state of New Mexico just legalized recreational marijuana. This means visitors can check out some great dispensaries in Taos.”

Taos Mesa Brewing The Mothership 
20 ABC Mesa Rd, El Prado, NM, 87529

Monolith on the Mesa will honor tickets and other arrangements purchased in 2020 and 2021. Tickets will be rolled over to this year’s Will Call list.

Single Day Pass $60 ticket HERE.

Two Day Pass $100 ticket HERE.

Three Day Pass $150 ticket HERE.

Rain or Shine Event!


Friday, September 16th, 2022
Doors at 12:00 pm 
Mesa Stage-1:00-1:45/ GreenBeard
Mesa Stage-2:00-2:45/ Blue Heron
Mesa Stage-3:00-3:45/ Caustic Casanova
Mesa Stage-4:00-4:45/ Red Mesa
Amphitheater Stage-5:00-5:45/ Owl 
Mesa Stage-6:00-6:45/ The Atomic Bitchwax 
Amphitheater Stage-7:00-7:45/ Daikajiu 
Mesa Stage-8:00-9:00/ REZN
Amphitheater Stage-9:00-10:00/ Belzelbong 
Mesa Stage-10:00-11:00/ The Obsessed
Amphitheater Stage-11:00-12:00/ Mars Red Sky

Saturday, September 17th, 2022
Doors at 12:00 pm 
Mesa Stage- 12:15-12:45/ Via Vengeance 
Mesa Stage-1:00-1:45/ Terra Damnata 
Mesa Stage-2:00-2:45/ Heretical Sect
Mesa Stage-3:00-3:45/ Love Gang
Mesa Stage-4:00-4:45/ Heavy Temple
Amphitheater Stage-5:00-5:45/ Year of The Cobra
Mesa Stage-6:00-6:45/ Rubber Snake Charmers
Amphitheater Stage-7:00-7:45/ The Otolith
Mesa Stage-8:00-9:00/ Eagle Twin
Amphitheater Stage-9:00-10:00/ Nebula
Mesa Stage-10:00-11:00/ Warhorse
Amphitheater Stage-11:00-12:00/ Stöner

Sunday, September 18th, 2022
Doors at 12:00 pm 
Mesa Stage- 12:15-12:45/ Fever Dog 
Mesa Stage-1:00-1:45/ Heave
Mesa Stage-2:00-2:45/ Lilith 
Mesa Stage-3:00-3:45/ Communion
Mesa Stage-4:00-4:45/ The Freeks
Amphitheater Stage-5:00-5:45/ Duel
Mesa Stage-6:00-6:45/ Tabernacle
Amphitheater Stage-7:00-7:45/ El Perro 
Mesa Stage-8:00-9:00/ Mondo Generator
Amphitheater Stage-9:00-10:00/ Ecstatic Vision
Mesa Stage-10:00-11:00/ Eyehategod 
Amphitheater Stage-11:00-12:00/ Yawning Man

After sundown every evening visual magicians, Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show, illuminate the night sky.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to companies and organizations that share the festivals outlook on music and consciousness.

Ambrosha Mondragon-EXP Realty
Black Harbor
Blues Funeral Recordings
Desert Records
EarthQuaker Devices
Fly PR
Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Heritage Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Luna Mystica
Magical Tattoo
Music Go Round
Rattlesnake Cable Company
Revolt Gallery
Rigs of Doom
Sister Bar
Slow Burn Coffee Roasters
Sombra Grays
STB Records
The Obelisk
Tractor Brewing Company
Worshiper Cabinets