MYNAS grooves through new single “Rise”

Mynas is now streaming their groovy new single “Rise” off their coming record ‘Violence’

“‘Rise’ is the pinnacle of what the band has been able to achieve in mixing melody and aggressiveness, taking the listener for an explosive ride while exploring its metaphorical lyrics”, said said drummer Maurico Silva“It paints the picture of a giant who rises to great power with the single mission of relentlessly suffocating the weak. The intrinsic meaning of the words is up to interpretation as the band hopes it will spark debate and kindle the imagination of their listeners”.

The music video was premiered exclusively by the website Metal Injection, which classified the single as “a great mix of heavy riffs and melodic death metal leads, all topped off with aggressive vocals and a very clear mix”.

Listen now:

Mynas was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and since early 2015 has become synonymous with the city’s underground metal scene.  Emitting a unique, relentless sound and a reflection of love and dedication to the metal genre.

The band’s music is a genuine blend of sounds from traditional to Scandinavian to new metal with influences from: In flames, Slipknot, Metallica, Children of Bodom and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Their goal is to create metal that feels powerful and unique, mixing old school thrash metal with modern, aggressive sounds in the compositions for an unforgettable barrage of heavy music.

Producer:  Miles Lanham

Sound engineer:  Miles Lanham

Mastering and Mixing: Miles Lanham

Recording studio:  Inhuman Studios

Photography: Julie Bergonz

Miles Lanham – Vocals and Guitar
Mauricio Silva – Drums
Mark Bazar – Bass
Jeff Pritz – Guitar

For more about MYNAS, visit their official midia: SITEFACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM