Saudi Prog DUSK Releases New Single “Origin” ft. Brett Anspach (UltraViolent)

Saudi Arabia’s DUSK is a one-man musical journey from the mind of Meshari Sangora. This past November, he presented his latest EP “To Where I Belong”, a four-track recording of progressive instrumental modern metal featuring guests Madani Zakri and Abdulrahman Elghazali.

Today, in follow up to the sophomore record is his next collaboration with vocalist Brett Anspach of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania band UltraViolent. Lyrics were written by local Riyadh songwriter Mohammed “Doomster” Alkudwah.

The track kicks off with emotional hardcore sentiment to continue into a tour-de-force of guttural vocals to rollercoaster the progressive djenty riffs that emulate feelings of both rage and enlightenment. 

DUSK adds about how the track came to be from two musicians on different sides of the world.

“I came across Brett on Fiverr, it’s a service website where people can offer all sorts of things from designing something for YouTube to all the way to work with talented musicians such as Brett. I was looking for a vocalist that would add a certain feel to the mix. Once he sent me the first draft, the initial thing that came to my mind was this guy sounds like Tobias Rische, the lead vocalist for the French band Novelists and I knew that this is what I was looking for. And now after finishing ‘Origin’ we’ve decided to work on more music in the future.”

Listen to “Origin” via its lyric video at


An instrumental version of “Origins” will be released on March 22nd.

DUSK‘s latest EP “To Where I Belong” released on November 10, 2021 is a mixture of clean guitar tones, complex rhythmic riffs, and tasteful lead solos can be heard at the following links:,SpotifyApple

Song Stream – Title Track – “To Where I Belong” –

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Dusk is a lead electric guitar player with experience of nearly10 years in the music field, working in various music genres such as Metal, Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz, Soul, R&B, and EDM. Some of his musical influences are of the likes of Currents, Erra, Volumes, Led Zeppelin, Andy James, Buckethead, and many more.

Since 2020, he has been releasing his solo projects in metal subgenres like metalcore, djent, melodic metal, and progressive metal. Since its inception, Dusk has released two EPs “To Where I Belong” (2021) featuring guests Madani Zakri and Abdulrahman Elghazali and “Ascension” (2020) along with stand-alone singles “Enrapture”, “Particle of Shapes” and “Rotten Roots”.