San Francisco, Bay Area Natalie Dean brings a soft rock-pop anthem sound to “More Than This” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. Natalie has mastered well the cross-over genre production of music writing many musicians these days are continuing to develop. No longer placing one’s own creativity in a box but being able to bend and change much like life really works today. “More Than This” can set itself very well in a variety of styles and sounds and find itself perfectly comfortable and at home in the indie, soft rock, pop world of today. “More Than This” is multi-layered and carries this blend of tones in a subliminal attitude that is Natalie Dean’s signature style.

“More Than This” is a coming-of-age song. I wrote the song when I was 17 on the cusp of adulthood. At the time, I was head over heels for a guy who was 19. He decided that seeing me was too risky because technically, I still was underage. What’s ironic is that I’m just now releasing the song, two years later and he’s the one who’s been trying to get back in my life. The only problem for him is I’m not interested anymore. The whole thing people say about there being “more fish in the sea” is undoubtfully true. If only the younger me could see what she had coming. 

Produced By: Jared Conrad, Natalie Dean, Jean LephareStudio: Warner Brothers (Nashville, TN)Mixed and Mastered: Jared ConradVocals and Lyrics: Natalie Dean

San Francisco Bay Area born and raised, Natalie Dean is defining her own place in the modern music industry. Mixing pop elements with indie influence and honest singer-songwriter vulnerability, Natalie hopes to be a voice for her generation. She embraces addressing tough topics and bringing light to mental health, growing pains, and overcoming battles. In her book, nothing is truly off-limits or taboo to talk about. She is a firm believer in speaking your truth and finds that is what makes her relatable to her audience and authentic to herself. She takes inspiration from her personal life and the experiences of the people she’s closest to when writing.

After years of feeling unheard and objectified as a female artist in the industry, she has decided to pursue music production to gain a greater sense of control over her own sound and artistry. For the next three years, Natalie will be working towards her BA in music production and songwriting at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool, England.

Natalie has recorded in numerous studios in both Los Angeles and Nashville but finds that the comfort of her own bedroom and simplicity of a laptop has it’s own unique charm and authenticity. Over the course of the next few months, Natalie plans to self-produce and release a greater catalog of music she has been saving in her archives and start to collaborate with other up-and-coming artists. With only close to 2% of producers today being female, she hopes to be a part of the future generation of music makers and balance the playing field in the industry. 

With the tragic recent passing of her Step-Father, Greg Knapp, Natalie, and her family have gained a newfound appreciation for life, how fleeting it is, and the small moments that many of us take for granted. More than ever she encourages her listeners to follow their passions and take each day and person you love as nothing less than a gift. 

Thank you to those who may have influenced or worked with me – I can’t thank my family enough for the continued support, especially my mom who has been at every recording session and listened to each song I write since the beginning. To my listeners, we are on this journey together. Each person means the world to me and is an integral part of me and my music. To Greg, we all miss you terribly and think of you every day. I know how excited you were for this song, I’m singing for you.  




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