TUOMAS ROUNAKARI Starts Production Of Next Solo Album + Issues Survey for Fans And Music Lovers!

Violinist, composer, ethnomusicologist TUOMAS ROUNAKARI has started the production of his next solo album, scheduled to come out in Spring 2022. Furthermore Tuomas is launching a survey for fans and music lovers. Please read his message below.

“What is your favorite format for listening to music?
The production of my next solo album has started and we expect to release it in spring 2022. How to release it is still a question that I now seek for your help.

Just like many of my fellow musicians, I find it difficult to comply with today’s music business. Statements such as ‘album is dead’ point towards fast food consumerism of music that simply does not feel right.

Do you remember the time, when you had to send money on a letter somewhere and hope for the best, when ordering an album from someone not a mainstream artist? And the feeling when the album arrived? How could we create these feelings today?

This next album of mine is not going to be available on the streaming platforms. This album will have songs that are sacred, and I approach it more like a book than a record. Something that one dedicates time to be with. And yet, the many formats we have for listening are not bad themselves.

I’d appreciate to hear from you on your listening preferences outside of streaming giants Spotify, Apple music and the likes. Do you have a favorite channel for digital albums? Do you still love your CD’s and take time to listen to them from the actual CD? Is vinyl a must for you?

I dream about creating a gift-box CD, a true collectors item, only available as a pre-order. But what other formats should I be looking for?

There is no right or wrong for these questions. I genuinely appreciate every answer! This is both a survey of what all of you prefer. And a wish to hear stories about things that made an album feel special for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

TUOMAS ROUNAKARI is a violinist, composer, ethnomusicologist (MA) and an educator from Finland. He has collaborated with artists from different arctic indigenous cultures and has studied shamanism and ritualistic music of northern Eurasia. He is also considered a key figure in revitalizing the near extinct tradition of Finnish-Carelian Lament singing. For the past 9 years Rounakari has been the fiddler of folk-metal band Korpiklaani. He is also known as a Shaman-violinist thanks to his solo performance. He is a co-founder of a finnish theatre group Ruska-Ensemble and its musical director. He has done field-work among the Khanty people in Siberia.

Furhermore, Tuomas is soon about to announce a crowdfunding for the new Tuomas Rounakari solo album, coming out in Spring 2022. 

While waiting for it have a look at the Online concert from Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2020. Shamanviolin at Pauanne is a full-length online concert produced by the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2020. The concert was filmed at the magical Pauanne where a community of folk musicians and folk healers used to live in the 1980’s. All buildings are fully hand made with many mythological decorations. The place has unfortunately decayed without much needed preservation. This Shamanviolin concert ends with lament melodies in a burnt down sauna. The magic and unique beauty of this place is still strong. A perfect environment for my music.

Watch here: https://rounakari.com/watch-full-video-for-free/

To learn more about Tuomas sign up to his newsletter to get a private link for a full online concert: www.rounakari.com/watch-full-video-for-free

Watch the videos
‘Farewell of Kamas People’ – https://youtu.be/oV16Qipd0MQ
‘Langetus’ – https://youtu.be/HVsU7PTqqHY

More information at
TUOMAS ROUNAKARI: www.rounakari.com | www.facebook.com/shamanviolin
MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/SplitScreenManagement | http://www.splitscreen-management.com


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