Norwegian Black Metal YR released new single “Doed og Begravet
EP “Maanelyst” will be released on June 21, 202 by Hellstain Productions 
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In 2021, the seeds were sown for what was to become a new odyssey in the realm of Norwegian black metal, marking the inception of YR, a fresh and fierce consortium emerging from the cold darkness of Oslo. The journey reached a crescendo in 2023 when Nekrosis and Doedsskaldr teamed and began work with the upcoming first EP “Maanelyst” – crafted with fervor by the combined genius of Nekrosis and Doedsskaldr, the music and lyrics echo the inner turmoil of human duality, from the frenetic pace of blast-beats to the deliberate rhythms of black’n’roll.

The duo is joined by Levik on bass and Niklas on drums, whose mastery completes the live experience. YR takes to the stage in warpaint, embodying the raw, unfiltered essence of black metal artistry, and setting the scene alight with their electrifying presence.

Maanelyst” EP was mixed and mastered by Hugo Alvarstein (God Dethroned, Nocturnal Breed, Chrome Division). Cover artwork was done by Necrolust Productions (Kampfar, Whoredom Rife, Black Altar).

Hellstain Productions will release June 21, 2024 debut EP titled “Maanelyst” digitally and as digipak CD! Pre-order is available at official label webstore.


1. Doed og begravet
2. Kvessa Tunger
3. Nidhogg
4. Stormtatt
5. Offernatt


Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram


Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram


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