Extreme Management Group (EMG), home to bands like Suffocation, Atheist, Misery Index, and more, has announced their partnership with Chicago Black Metal band WRATHEON.

In the late summer of 2020 whispers of the name Wratheon began to circulate in the dark backstreets of Chicago, rumours of a new black-hearted metallic force gathered in the shadows. In those early days Wratheon the band was Wratheon the man, a single artist driven by the desire to unleash a pure and potent sonic attack, rooted in the traditions of extreme metal history but burning with a new, cold flame that could incinerate all that stood in his path. In March 2021 the first Wratheon EP was released, the glorious explosion of venom and adrenaline that is Black Thrash Mass. An independent release, Black Thrash Mass still spread around the globe, carrying its message of rebellion and defiance – an uplifting and life-giving elixir to the metal hordes and a sword to the throat of the bloated deceivers in their palaces of hypocrisy and vanity. Fans and critics throughout the metal underground welcomed Black Thrash Mass with open arms and open hearts…

“This urgent, bloody affair is one which leaves other Blackened Thrash outfits trampled into the dust, a new Demonic King has arisen…” – METAL NOISE

“…an angry, rampaging blackened thrash protest against deceit and oppression…” – AVE NOCTUM

“…an all out thrash metal attack with blackened vibe and double bass destroying everything in its path…” – KRAYKULLA WEBZINE

It was not just the fans and critics who took note of Wratheon’s incendiary debut release – record labels were also paying attention to this new blaze in the Chicago sky. It was Seek And Strike Records, a label co-owned by George Vallee and Randy Ray, previously part of the Century Media Records team, who struck first, adding Wratheon to their roster of established international artists. Speaking about this new alliance Wratheon himself commented, “I’ll always prefer the route of an indie label and owning my own music. Growing up and always seeing Century Media on records I was listening to, and realizing Seek and Strike is coming in with all that experience is like a dream come true, best of both worlds. I get to have that amazing talent that drove all those bands and the freedom of an indie label.”

With the assistance of session drummer Theodor Borovski (Second To Sun, Vintergata etc) Wratheon began work on his first release for his new label and in October of 2023 Becoming Nil was unleashed upon an expectant world. Wratheon’s first full length release was a remarkable album; resolute in purpose and unflinching in intensity, yet rich in texture and possessed of surprising depths. Becoming Nil was a huge step forward in Wratheon’s evolution as a musician and he explained the tireless effort that had gone into its creation…

“I would write, re-write, check to make sure nothing sounds quite like a certain riff, etc. It would easily take up to a solid month of reworking songs to make sure it was the best version I can give, and something really unique.” Every moment of those long days and nights of painstaking work was justified when Becoming Nil was released and the ecstatic reviews poured in once again…

“Some serious depth and nuance going on here with tightly executed, well written material.” – METAL TEMPLE

“…an extremely sharp and focused album that possesses a lot of potential…” – DISTORTED SOUND MAGAZINE

“…one of the best Blackened Metal albums you will hear this year…” – ROCK ‘N’ LOAD

Two excellent videos were filmed to help promote Becoming Nil, for the tracks ‘The Horde’ and ‘We’re All Fallen’, both of which amassed thousands of views and helped usher new friends and followers into the Wratheon legion. Following the success of Becoming Nil Wratheon finally expanded into a full band – ready to take on live performances and touring, wherever and whenever the opportunity might arise. Wratheon himself has now been joined by bassist Lillian Wong, guitarist Natalee Algozino and drummer Tulio Savatierra and this line-up are ready to tear the world apart!

Now in 2024, Wratheon have signed with Extreme Management Group – another alliance which will further their remorseless, relentless ascent to the peak of the metal pyramid.


LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/WratheonOfficial
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2gHr1QhqdYhG5xikeSjHXm?si=K1ZDmqo1TzSGIflw8DR55g
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/wratheon/1526904792


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