Once Upon A Winter (Instrumental Post-Rock): New Song & Album announcement

Once Upon A Winter (Instrumental Post-Rock) – 

Elegant Demise (Single)

Release Date: February 25, 2022

FFO: Maybeshewill, MONO, We Lost the Sea

The Post Rock band from Thessaloniki GR – Once Upon A Winter, announced the release of their 4th album Void Moments of Inertia a few days ago!

Elegant Demise is the first single of their album and the first paragraph of the bands’ new story. It was premiered on the 25th of February accompanied by an emotional official video. The band stays faithful to their classic post rock sound with ambient atmospheres and soulful melodies, to gothic, doom, and black metal eruptions with aggressive guitars while still keeping the melodic lines as the main focus. The lack of lyrics to their songs, give the listeners the possibility to create their own images and stories!

The songs’ video is dealing and raising awareness to the issue of Alzheimer’s’ disease and the need to never give up on people. People affected by the disease are often left alone in their supposingly empty thoughts, however the thoughts are there, just probably not in a way that is understood by the “healthy” social norms. There are a lot of instances that art helps express these thoughts, and that is the idea that the video wants to present.

Once Upon A Winter consist of Ilias Kakanis – Guitars, Vocals, Synths, Angelos Athanasiadis – Guitars, Fotis Sitaras – Bass, Nick Taras – Piano, Saxophone, Konstantinos Alex Noulas – Drums. Music compositions by the band, mixing and mastering by Ilias Kakanis, drums recorded at Mix Studio (Thessaloniki), all other instruments recorded at Ilias’ & Angelos’ personal studios. Promo photos and Video by George Triantafyllou, Artwork by Phren Reworks.

Once Upon A Winter have raised the bar with an artistic brilliance, as Elegant Demise is a track of true love, touching the souls in the purest way possible!

Void Moments of Inertia, the 4th Once Upon A Winter album will be released on the 18th of March.

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