Optic Oppression Are Halfway To Hell With Their New Album

Industrial/Synth Rock artists Optic Oppression announce the release of their debut album Halfway To Hell.

Hailing from the New York Rock scene, Optic Oppression releases their hard hitting debut album Halfway To Hell. Vocalist Kendall Cage explains the inspiration behind the album…

This album, Halfway To Hell, is written from some of the most turbulent and bizarre times of my life, with some new songs that we’ve never even played live before. Everything from breakups to lockups, with influences from some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with

Halfway To Hell was produced and mixed by Kendall Cage and mastered by Ken Rutkowski of Outer Limit Recording Studio. Halfway To Hell is out now and the first single Revolution can be heard HERE


1) No Fucks Given 

2) See No Evil 

3) Sparks 3.33 

4) Breaking Point (interlude) 

5) Revolution 

6) Awkward Girlfriend 

7) Doomsday (interlude) 

8) For Shame 

9) Halfway To Hell 

10) Hideous 

11) We All Die 

12) Ashes To Ashes 

13) As Summer Dies

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About Optic Oppression 

Splicing deranged audio samples together with rock guitars and throwing it over a hard rhythmic backbone with a touch of EDM, the band brings to life the sordid stories felt by so many but spoken by so few.

From its inception Optic Oppression’s music was made to break up the monotony of modern music. After the band’s founder, Kendall Cage, found himself incarcerated as a young teenager he turned to writing music as a safer means to manifest the turmoil in his mind. Traveling from the New York State juvenile system to the education system Kendall moved across the state until finding himself in Buffalo, NY. But after many attempts to conform and collaborate within various bands it soon became apparent that a different kind of band was missing from the world. Kendall then set out with a vision to find musicians for a new, more innovative sound. One by one the right musicians were discovered. One by one they were brought together. And when Kendall and Mike Novo finally met in the same room with multi-instrumentalists Greg Burt and Arrow Real, the sparks ignited and the music began to take on a life of its own.

On the forefront of musical evolution, Optic Oppression wields production as an instrument in itself. Combining musical influences ranging from hard rock to industrial, synth pop to electronica, Optic Oppression walks the now shattered line between the analog and digital worlds. With a dark electronic writing style that has been described as “innovative” and “more than industrial”, Optic Oppression’s upcoming album, Halfway To Hell, seeks to grasp the cutting-edge and carve out a niche of it’s own in a musical world where it seems everything has been done before.

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