Perth Metalcore Sensations Release Ferocious New Record ‘Death Romantic’

Perth metalcore rising stars, Sedative, just dropped their blistering debut record ‘Death Romantic’. Merging elements of deathcore and metalcore with swaithes of hardcore into a kaleidoscope of brutality, ‘Death Romantic’ treats the listeners to superbly tight instrumentation, gut-punching riffs, catastrophic breakdowns and magnetic vocals. 

Not ones to shy away from confronting themes, Sedative bare it all in this seven-track sonic odyssey to explore heartache, grief, self-destructiveness and despondency. Vocalist Matthew Daly spits fire laden with haunting hooks that warrant repeat plays and are bound to get under the listener’s skin. 

Daly on ‘Death Romantic’: “This new record is aptly named, honing in on romanticism and the weight that can be carried as a result of decisions made within relationships we have. It’s about regret, and how heavily my heart is consumed by this. As a whole, ‘Death Romantic’ is a bleak insight into what one can do to others, and in turn then do to themselves, as a result of acting unconscionably and with no thought of how things will affect those involved.”

Sedative burst into the scene with a series of singles ‘Cough Medicine’, ‘No Hard Feelings’ and ‘Vile’ which quickly developed a dedicated fan base in their hometown of Western Australia. Their current and previous body of work has amassed over 98,000+ Spotify streams and have been featured on Triple J The Racket, Killyourstereo, Maniacs, IdiotEQ, Wall Of Sound, The Faction as well as landing on Spotify’s “Homegrown & Heavy” editorial playlist. 

Coming hot off their national tour, Sedative are due to perform a string of notable shows alongside Within Destruction (EU), Signs of the Swarm (USA), Fit For An Autopsy (USA) Xibalba (USA) & Honest Crooks (AU). With the release of ‘Death Romantic’ and a year jam packed with live performances, Sedative are poised to make their mark in the heavy music realm.

‘Death Romantic’ is out now via
Tickets for upcoming shows can be purchased via

1. Romilda Vane
2. Godspeed
3. Unlove
4. Can’t Feel A Thing
5. Stained Soul
6. Abhorrent
7. Lothario


​Recorded & Produced by Audax Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Tom Cadden, Violent Sound
Artwork by Tiltshift Visual


Disturbingly Good


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