Post-Poned “Planet Pink” Album By J.B.O., Drops Today On AFM Records!

[ photo: Gregor Wiebe ]

Slated for a release on April 15, 2022 but post-poned due to current distribution and pressing issues, finally Planet Pink, the new and much acclaimed album by J.B.O., is out now on AFM Records!

For over 30 years, J.B.O. are specialists for vociferous escapism at the highest stage. Gold albums, frenetically acclaimed live appearances and top ten chart positions pave their way. Their new album, Planet Pink, makes no exception. Especially in a world we are currently living in on planet earth, with pandemics, insane dictators, ecological disasters, surging prices for beer. Mankind’s only chance is escapism, so let’s enter the orbital glider and head for the stars when Planet Pink is finally starting to make its rounds today via metal powerhouse mothership AFM Records!

For obvious reasons, Planet Pink was created under special circumstances. Usually the band bosses Vito C. and Hannes „G.Laber“ Holzmann sit together on a couch and exchange ideas. This time they jammed through the phone. It worked out, because Vito and Hannes know each other better than identical twins.

Planet Pink was recorded with producer Christoph Beyerlein at Sound and Groove studio, Nuremberg. Beyerlein is part of the J.B.O. family since 1994 and the fifth band member in the studio. Supervised by the observing ears of Beyerlein, the rest of the crew sorted and refined a lot of demo recordings for only one reason: in the end there will be just one planet glow in the brassiest colours. “It’s Planet Pink”!

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01. Planet Pink 
02. Rockmusik Hat Mich Versaut 
03. Metal Was My First Love 
04. Immer Noch Am Leben 
05. Einhorn 
06. Expeditionen Ins Geistreich 
07. Klassiker! 
08. Nicht Doof 
09. Mi-Ma-Metal 
10. Glaub Mir Lieber Nicht 
11. Wir Kommen Alle In Die Hölle 
12. Volks-Prog

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J.B.O. is:
Vito C. (Vocals/Guitar)
Hannes “G.Laber” Holzmann (Vocals/Guitar)
Ralph Bach (Bass)
Wolfram Kellner (Drums)