Prog metal quartet Constructs release video for new single ‘Binary’

US-based prog metal/djent outfit Constructs release new hard-hitting single ‘Binary’, a track which follows the band’s narrative of overcoming adversity, lineup changes, robberies, and life events in order to rebuild and refine a new sound, image, and future for their music.

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The thrilling adventure of ‘Binary’ is detailed and in depth, featuring articulate drums, soulful vocals, angular guitar playing, and intricate bass lines. Bassist Jose Escudero states: “‘Binary’ was one of the more challengning songs I’ve had to learn, which is something I always get excited about. It was the type of challenge that helps me become a better musician and I hope that being Constructs’ first song with vocals on it, that everyone gets excited to hear what’s coming next. There’s so much more we have in mind.”

In terms of the vocals and lyrics, the song has considerable significance to the new voice of the band, Erik Jones“‘Binary’ means a lot to me, and I know that translates into the overall emotion of the final product. The music has soaring soulful choruses and heavy, impactful verses. This is by far one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever been a part of writing. Lyrically speaking the song touches on themes of anxiety, growing older, and feeling like the world is moving on without you.”

It’s apparent that the Bay Area band have faced many obstacles in the journey towards their current incarnation, as founding guitarist Trayen Burke explains: “A month after releasing our debut Shapes EP (2017), myself and our founding bassist Gordon Leete endured a robbery that was followed by a fire. We lost almost all of our music and production equipment in the events, as well as our home.”Burke continues: “It was the hardest thing I’ve had to go through in my entire life. But the passion and fire for music continued to burn inside of me, and I knew I was determined to keep Constructs moving forward, no matter how long that process may have taken.”

Fast forward to 2021, and Constructs have an entirely new lineup, consisting of Jose Escudero (Bass), Will Hettel (Drums), Trayen Burke (Guitar) and Erik Jones (Vocals). In the turmoil of a global pandemic, recording during COVID-19 wasn’t the only challenge the band faced. They strategised and filmed a music video in Los Angeles for ‘Binary’ in August 2020, at the height of California’s statewide lockdown. This required members flying in from out-of-state, as well as a rental van trek from Northern California to Southern California. The members also carefully crafted the art direction and merchandise for the release, meticulously pouring over every aspect so that the brand authentically represented the band’s ethos.

Listening to the music provides the listener with a full-tilt adrenaline rush, with Constructs enveloping you in a whirlwind of musical proficiency and melodic cadence. One stream of ‘Binary’ reveals that Constructs have not only defined their sound, but leaves room for anticipation of what the band will create next.

Constructs are:

Erik Jones – Vocals
Jose Escudero – Bass
Trayen Burke – Guitar
Will Hettel – Drums