Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder is pleased to reveal another new song off his upcoming sophomore solo album “II” today.

Check out the track “My Oblivion” here: https://youtu.be/oYxzOv3uF8I

Ray Alder comments about “My Oblivion” as follows:
“For this song I imagined a sort of anti-hero who is doing what he does best, lay waste to everything in his path. I guess it’s my homage to action/revenge type movies. I felt the music needed something like this story. Heavy and dark but with an edge… I think Mike and Craig did an incredible job on this one.”

Once again, just like for Ray Alder’s acclaimed solo debut album “What The Water Wants” back in 2019, the new album was written with guitarists Mike Abdow (Fates Warning touring member) and Tony Hernando (Lords Of Black) – who both also performed bass guitar on their own songs –, features drummer Craig Anderson (Ignite, Crescent Shield) and was mixed by Simone Mularoni (Rhapsody, Michael Romeo, DGM).

Ray Alder’s second album is simply entitled “II”, but in musical terms this is a much more revealing, exploratory piece of work than its predecessor. The album will be released worldwide via InsideOutMusic on June 9th, 2023.

You can also check out the previously launched singles here:
“Waiting For Some Sun”: https://youtu.be/hbOoZjzO_HM
“This Hollow Shell”: https://youtu.be/mAtTyoNWjxo

And this is the complete tracklisting of the upcoming album:
RAY ALDER – “II” (51:20)
1. This Hollow Shell (06:02)
2. My Oblivion (04:36)
3. Hands Of Time (06:08)
4. Waiting For Some Sun (04:29)
5. Silence The Enemy (04:41)
6. Keep Wandering (05:51)
7. Those Words I Bled (05:51)
8. Passengers (05:51)
9. Changes (07:45)

“II” is available as limited first-pressing Digipak CD edition with a bonus track (An acoustic version of the opening track “This Hollow Shell”), as Digital Album (Also including the bonus track!) and as LP on 180gr. vinyl, both on unlimited black vinyl as well as on transparent red vinyl in a limited edition of 300x copies, available exclusively via the IOM Webshop and from CM Distro.
You can pre-order the album in its various formats here:

RAY ALDER online:



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