US Rock band ‘The Midway’ releases their latest single ‘Tidal Wave’. Drawing influence from the Rock, Pop and Punk scenes The Midway has managed to develop their own unique brand of Rock while taking inspiration from the likes of Green Day, Foo Fighters, and Weezer. 

‘Tidal Wave’ is no different, a stadium Rock anthem inspired by how love can consume your every being, the track features soaring guitar lines, well-crafted drum beats and a chorus that’s just as infectious as the subject matter. The band explain the meaning behind the track further: Tidal Wave was created around the idea that love can be such a magnificent and beautiful force, and that we get swept away and engulfed by both its power and grace.”

Based out of Dallas Texas, The Midway started in Los Angeles in 2015, releasing their debut album ‘Nowhere But Here’ in 2016 which introduced the world to the band’s songwriting versatility. In 2019 the band dropped their second album, ‘Moving On’, which saw The Midway develop their sound further, interspersing catchy hooks, ballads and Alt Rock bangers under the same album. With two albums under their belt along with the release of their last single ‘Disappear’ which garnered support from various press and radio outlets across the US and beyond, their latest single ‘Tidal Wave’ looks to continue their upward trajectory, as they look to 2023 with further releases and live shows.

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