Zach Black, JP Ortiz, Joe Valadez, and Andy Leonard, along with their production dream-team at 512 Studios are proud to present Souls Extolled’s third record MMXXII; an eclectic 12-song modern rock album ranging from grunge and ska punk to indie rock and proto-metal.. Art, like the artists that produce it, is a product of its time. As such, these songs are a reflection of this moment in time for the members of Souls Extolled and were made without any limitation or rule other than to express themselves honestly through the music. For them, this is the standard of true art. Their spirits are in these songs, and they sincerely hope that they can enrich your life this year. Praedicari Animarum

MMXXII is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase (download) at the Souls Extolled website and on iTunes. Your purchase helps push this music out to the world, as well as getting the band around the US for their first national tours later this year! For streaming they’ll release 1 song a month on the first Friday of each month of 2022. The first single ‘Sweet Glow’ is NOW STREAMING on all major streaming platforms. Souls Extolled deeply appreciates your support. ROCK ON !!!



Disturbingly Good


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