Caio D’Angelo – Claustrofobia  (photo: Tuco Media)

Swamp Loco is honored to be asked to endorse Metal Assault 12-year Anniversary Fest, with Orion Cymbals, imported from Brazil. Swamp Loco is the sole distributor of Orion Cymbals in the United States. This will give 18 bands on the bill the opportunity to play and hear the sound quality of Orion Cymbals.The drummers who chose to play on Orion Cybals during their set we entered in a drawing to win a 22″ Mega Bell Ride X10 Series and18″ China Rev10 Series.

Behind the scenes helping with set up to backline and promote the brand was Caio D’Angelo Drummer of the Brazilian war tank Claustrofobia who has been endorsed by Orion for 15+ years.
The Metal Assault 12-year anniversary festival is coming up in this weekend, Feb 12+13 at Transplants Brewing Company. 18 killer bands, plus the launch of the Metal Assault x Transplants collab beer #SoundMindIPA, and so much more.

Tickets is now available:

Founded in 1999, the biggest and best cymbal brand in Brazil and Latin America, Orion Cymbals, has just arrived in the US market and the cymbals are being officially distributed by Swamp Loco LLC, serving musicians of the most varied styles, from beginners to professionals and great artists.

The brand will have as its main artist the band Claustrofobia together with drummer Caio D’Angelo representing the brand and performing Shows, Workshows and Drum Clinics. Claustrofobia has already partnered with Orion Cymbals for 15 years and was the best choice to represent the brand in the entire American territory.

In addition to the Claustrofobia, the brand counts on endorsers Ruston Grosse (Master, Amesa Spentas)  Mike Fury (M.O.D, Indisgust, Die Young, Will to Live, True Intentions),  Spenser Syphers (Jungle Rot),  Mauricio Silva (Mynas),  Marcus D`Angelo (T.W.R), Vidaut Campos (Maldita), Yuri Alexander (Daga),  Glenn Cwikla (Pariah Was One),  Patrick Webster (Exist More Media),  Jeff Krajnak (Dire Revielle) and  Lower Harper (IDSFA)

About Swamp Loco LLC

Swamp Loco is a company founded by the American native William Johnson who since 1989 has a vast experience in the American Metal and Rock n Roll scene. The company officially started its activities in 2018 with the aim of managing bands and musicians from all over the world, performing shows, tours, workshops, merchandise, events and all kinds of services necessary for bands and musicians in general. After some highly successful tours and events, Swamp Loco felt the need to set up his own music studio, thus facilitating productions and giving more support to the artists. Together with the studio, a workshop was also set up for the construction and repair of musical equipment, thus completing all the necessary structure for the best progress of the projects.

Due to many contacts with foreign companies and brands, the opportunity to import drum cymbals from a consolidated brand in Brazil called Orion Cymbals occurred, thus making one of its artists Caio D`Angelo, drummer of the successful heavy metal band Claustrofobia from Brazil a brand ambassador in the USA, Caio has been endorsed by Orion Cymbals in Brazil for the past 15 years, we are extremely positive that this partnership will  opening many possibilities and starting a new era of the company that now besides Booking Agency, Studio and manufacturer of musical instruments, Swamp Loco is an importer, distributor, store and artist relations.

After the foundation of the company in 2018, things happened extremely fast, with relevant growth and making it possible to put into practice many promising projects that add a lot to the American and world music scene. With full strength and relying on the experience of all its artists and partners, Swamp Loco promises to enhance art and artists with quality, professionalism, and dedication.

Saturday Feb 12:
• Claustrofobia
• Voices of Ruin
• Through The Oculus
• Malison
• Fortress Of Empyrean
• Fermentor
• Bone Maggot
• #StealingYawns

Sunday Feb 13:
• Dawn Fades
• Authors Of Fate
• Constraints of Light
• Tzimani
• Sea of Snakes
• We are Wasted
• #Sunwick


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