On November 25th, Las Vegas metallic riff-riders, SpiritWorld, will release their 2nd studio album, DEATHWESTERN, via Century Media Records.

Today, the band is proud to share their 3rd single entitled “Relic of Damnation” out of their upcoming longplayer. 

The single can be streamed HERE.

Todd Hailstone, who already took care of the previous videos “DEATHWESTERN” and “The Bringer Of Light” (from ‘Pagan Rhythms’ 2021), now completes his apocalyptic vision of a death western world with this mesmerizing screening that brings you in the right mood for Halloween!

See the video HERE!

Stu Folsom (mastermind of SpiritWorld) comments on the song and video as follows:
“’Relic of Damnation’ has been my favorite riff on the record but was the biggest mfer to finish. I knew I had a classic that brings back that Metallica, Slayer vibe I love so much but I never liked the vocals and tried out three or four different rewrites after the demo. The very last night we worked on it, Theresa, Matt and I were fried and about to call it a night when I repurposed a verse from a country song I was writing and put it over the first verse. The vocals were done in one take and is my favorite vocal delivery on the album. I also love the vocals that trade off at the end between Justin Fornof and I. Relic is a banger and has been a staple of our live set since our first show! I’m so excited for people to finally have the studio recording! 

The video is the finale of our DeathWestern trilogy with director Todd Hailstone. Being able to work with my longtime friend, going all the way back to being highschool punk rockers; has been incredible. He took my vision of gun smoke, gore and heavy metal and worked up three incredible videos. It was probably a little ambitious to do a film trilogy for that spreads across two albums, but I think the performances Todd got from Derek and Voki to finish this bad boy off we’re amazing!”

Check out the previous videos from Todd Hailstone:
The Bringer Of Light

Pre-Order for DEATHWESTERN is up and running and copies can be saved HERE.

The album is available in the following formats:
Ltd. CD Edition

black LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster)
available at all outlets

red LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster)
available at Century Media EU Store
limited to 300 units

yellow LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster)
available via SpiritWorld (band exclusive)
limited to 300 units

transp. tan colored LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster)
available at all outlets
limited to 500 units

transp. orange crush LP (w/ LP-Booklet & Poster)
available at Century Media US Store
limited to 300 units

The restless Stu Folsom (head of SpiritWorld) is also pleased to announce the release of his book Godlessness, which will also be released on November 25th. 

The book is a collection of short stories written by Stu Folsom. Inspired in equal parts by the western pulp of Louis L’Amour, the novels of Cormac McCarthy, and the twisted horror of Clive Barker, Godlessness is the fictional companion piece of SpiritWorld’s debut Pagan Rhythms (2021) and upcoming follow up, DEATHWESTERN (2022).

Dedicated to the memory of, and edited in part by, Power Trip’s Riley Gale, who died unexpectedly in 2020, Godlessness was initially released as a limited-edition paperback.

The book will be available through Rare Bird and can be pre-ordered. 

Godlessness Signed Book + Vinyl Audiobook HERE!

DEATHWESTERN Limited Edition Cassette HERE!

About SpiritWorld:
SpiritWorld emerged in 2017 as a musical outlet for Folsom’s love of punk, outlaw country and metal. SpiritWorld’s earliest efforts took a decidedly outlaw roots punk bent.  Yet, it was with the full-metal direction taken on the initially self-released Pagan Rhythms, (re-released in 2021 through SPIRITWORLD’s new label home, Century Media) that won the band international acclaim. Daniel Carter, BBC 1 DJ and curator of The Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter, as well as the likes of Exodus/Slayer guitarist Gary Holt and former Sepultura/current Soulfly leader Max Cavalera sang the album’s praises on their social media, discovering the band on word-of-mouth alone.

The band currently hits the European stages with no other than hardcore legends Agnostic Front on their “Get Loud! Tour 2023”.  

The remaining dates are the following…

SpiritWorld Live 2022:
w/ Agnostic Front, Charger & Last Hope
Oct. 26, 2022 – Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo
Oct. 27, 2022 – Muenster, GER @ Sputnikhalle
Oct. 29, 2022 – Chemnitz, GER @ AJZ

Watch out for more news to come from SpiritWorld in the upcoming weeks!

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