The First Round of Announcements are Out!

And the Kentucky Irate Festival is going to be a weekend of heavyweights

Irate Festival – August 26-28 – Lousiville, KY

With live music bouncing back after two years of incredible challenges, many new bands are hitting the road, and it seems like many more new festivals are forming all over the country. 

The Irate Metal Festival is happening in Louisville, KY August 26 through August 28 at the outdoor grounds at 21st in Germantown, and the bands are ready to bring the energy! On May 6, the festival made its first round of announcements for the line-up. This includes Impending Doom, Traitors, Rose Funeral, In Dying Arms, Filth, VCTMS, Summoning the Lich, and Scumfuck, but there is so much more coming!

A lot of bands are excited to work together on bringing this massive metal festival, and have been bringing their own unique skills to the planning team.

“We’re excited to hit the stage with some of the most aggressive and entertaining bands in the industry right now. The energy is going to be wild.”
John Harris, Vocalist, Otherworldly Entity

Otherworldly Entity – Photo by Andrew Jekel

Bringing some of the most active names in metal from all over the country to gather in Louisville was not a hard decision to make.

Joseph Borland, owner of Three Diamonds Marketing and Management and the mastermind behind Irate, felt that Louisville was a logical choice.

“It’s in Kentucky because it’s a very central location in America. Lots of people can come from all over the country.”

Joseph Borland, Three Diamonds Marketing and Management

Borland isn’t the only one to feel this way. Local, regional, and national  bands have joined the lineup, and are just as excited for the location of the festival. Louisville local and bassist of Until the Dead Walk Tracy Cook has been a major part of the planning of this festival, and his bandmates are excited for the opportunity to play.

“Our people are definitely worthy of it. Everyone should feel at home when they walk in.”

Ren Young, Vocalist, Until the Dead Walk

Bringing together some of the biggest and most active names in the heavier, less-represented metal genres has been a core focus of the Kentucky Irate Festival.

“I think what makes me most excited is the fact that fans of these specific genres (deathcore, slam, and hardcore) can come to a festival where the majority of the acts are within that frame. All these other fests are focused on tons of different genres and deathcore/slam/hardcore seem to always get the short end of the stick. I’m a big fan of that style, so I’m excited to bring that to the fans”

Joseph Borland, Three Diamonds Marketing and Management

The excitement can be felt across the entire scene. In Syracuse, NY, Fight From Within is getting ready to bring the heaviness to Kentucky.

“People should expect an amazing experience filled with food, fun, and the biggest bands in Metalcore, Deathcore, and Slam. If you think there are some great shows coming up….You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Mikey Hayes, Vocalist, Fight From Within

Fight From Within – Photo by Melanie Jo Photography

The Irate festival is bringing over a dozen bands local to Louisville area to share the stage with bands from all over the country, all with the goal of bringing people together to be loud and have a fun weekend.

“I think that the festival is going to be unique and that makes me excited. I love heavy music and this festival is going to be the epicenter of heavy this year.”

Mikey Hayes, Vocalist, Fight From Within

Keep an eye out on the Irate Festival Facebook Page for artist announcements throughout the month of May!

Irate Festival on Facebook

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