Roman Semenchuk, the renowned vocalist and producer behind the project Thinkside (formerly Dimicandum), proudly presents his new single “Fire Within.” This track reflects personal and professional reevaluation after a period of burnout.

“Fire Within” was created at a moment when Roman realized he was living up to others’ expectations rather than his own aspirations. This Single symbolizes his decision to dedicate himself to music and keep the inner fire alive. It reminds us that even in the darkest times, our inner light can lead us to brighter days.

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Creative Team and Their Contribution to “Fire Within”

Roman collaborated with two producers: Andrii Yasnohorodskyi, during the pre-production stage, and Alex Kramer from Duma Studios, for mixing and mastering. Co-producer Dmitriy Kim, who also played drums on the track, contributed significantly to the production.

The single release is accompanied by a lyric video, created by the talented director and 3D motion designer Bohdan Narizhny, who is also a musician in the contemporary Ukrainian Metalcore band Burning Time Machine.

Roman Semenchuk: Finding His Unique Sound

“This is the first material I have fully produced myself, controlling every stage of production. After releasing all the planned tracks, I plan live performances, starting in Kyiv. I hope this release resonates with the hearts of both old fans and new listeners, as I am confident I have finally found my unique sound,” – says Roman Semenchuk. “The Thinkside project is not just a reincarnation of Dimicandum, but deep personal changes in me and a completely new signature sound.”

About Thinkside: From Performing on Big Stages to Reaching New Heights**

Under its former name Dimicandum, Thinkside gained recognition by performing at Ukraine’s most prestigious festivals such as Zahid Fest, Faine Misto, Bandershtat, and others. The band toured actively across the country and was nominated for the Best Ukrainian Metal Action award in 2019.

“Fire Within” – Musical Therapy for Burned-Out Souls

“Fire Within” is an atmospheric metal track that combines heavy guitar riffs with melodic vocal arrangements. The song speaks about the importance of keeping the inner fire alive, especially during times of burnout and depression. It reminds us that even in the darkest times, our inner light can lead us to brighter days.


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