VEIL OF THE SERPENT returns with Jonestown Massacre inspired new single “Death Cult”!

Heavy metal masters VEIL OF THE SERPENT make their crushing return, as the band releases their first new music since their breathtaking “Gallery Of Sin II” EP in October 2023!

Inspired by the horrific happenings in Jonestown, “Death Cult” is another intense metal anthem in the band’s discography, that takes listeners down a merciless dark path, back to the traces of the cruel happenings on November 18, 1978 in Guyana.

Singer James about the song:
“The Jonestown Massacre was a traumatic event in United States history. Though it occurred around 50 years ago, the underlying factors that led to their demise are still in present in the world today. Power, greed and megalomania fuel cult leaders and their flock to attempt to transcend being human. We tried to write this song as historically accurate and respectful to the victims as possible. Becoming a victim of a cult is not something people do on purpose. It is our duty as family, friends, and neighbors to save as many victims of cults in the future and those who do not realize they are in one today.”

Drummer Felix adds:
“We worked for quite a while on this one and we’re proud that “Death Cult” is finally unleashed. Actually it’s the only stand alone release from Veil Of The Serpent for 2024. I don’t want to give away any details to spoil the surprise, but trust me, we have something huge planned for later this year. Stay tuned!”

Death Cult” is out now on all major streaming platforms. Check it out HERE.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, the band also released a brand new lyric video for the song.

About the band:
VEIL OF THE SERPENT is a multi-national heavy metal band that was founded in 2021 by guitarist Gene and his son Felix. The two mooted the idea of working together in 2020. One year later they found a very talented singer in James who completed the band’s line-up.

James – Vocals
Gene – Guitars
Felix – Drums


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