VirtuaVerse video game feat. MASTER BOOT RECORD launches on XBox, Playstation and Switch

Blood Music announces the release of VirtuaVerse on XBox, Playstation and Switch

Graphics by Valenberg (PerturbatorGost); music & story by MASTER BOOT RECORD

Released 28th October on all major consoles via Blood Music

Blood Music has announced the release of video game VirtuaVerse, the first game by the company to receive a major console release, on 28th October. A throw back to the classic point and click style, VirtuaVerse features graphics by Valenberg (PerturbatorGost), this follows the game’s highly sucessful PC release in 2020.

Music and storyline by MASTER BOOT RECORD and coding by Elder0010Virtuaverse was a four year development process to release on PC and another two years to go to console.

Producer of Blood Music commented: VirtuaVerse is a throwback to the point-and-click adventure games we played and loved growing up. The game took four years to create with a tiny, three-person development team and myself as producer/publisher. It was our first foray into gaming and a true labor of love. A year-and-a-half after a successful PC launch, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that we’re fulfilling our childhood fantasies of releasing a game on the major consoles.”

MASTER BOOT RECORD commented: “VirtuaVerse is a project we started for our love of old school point & click adventures of the 90s, a gaming experience we wanted to bring back in all its glory. On the other hand, it’s a project that represents our team artistically not only for the visual and musical side but also the coding since it’s full of references to demoscene as well as being a tribute to underground computer culture as a whole. We are really excited because we didn’t expect this project to grow to a point where we’re releasing it on all consoles. It’s a great satisfaction for a team of 3 people at their first game and it’s a big achievement for all of us.”

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In a future not-so-far-away, one superior intelligence prevails above all other AI. Society is migrating to a permanently-integrated reality connected to a single neural network, continuously optimizing user experience by processing personal data. An outsider, Nathan, makes a living off-the-grid as a smuggler of modded hardware and cracked software.

Geared with a custom headset, he is among the few that can switch AVR off and see reality for what it truly is. Nathan shares an apartment with his girlfriend Jay, a talented AVR graffiti artist whose drones bit-spray techno-color all over the city’s augmented space. One morning, Nathan wakes to an empty apartment and discovers a cryptic message on the bathroom mirror. Having accidentally broken his headset, Nathan is disconnected but determined to figure out what happened to Jay. He embarks on an unbelievable journey involving hacker groups and guilds of AVR technomancers. Traversing the world, Nathan confronts hardware graveyards, digital archaeology, tribes of cryptoshamans, and virtual reality debauchery.

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