When They Riot Releases ‘Something To Live For’

UKs When They Riot Embrace Hope Amidst Uncertainty: Reviving the Essence of ‘Something To Live For’ in Latest Record with SODEH Records.

“Something To Live For” originated in 2016, during the initial stages of our band’s formation. Bobby had recently joined on bass, and we were actively seeking another guitarist to complete the lineup, forming what we now know as WTR.

The essence of the song captures a universal feeling – a concern for the future. It reflects a sense of aimlessness, as if there’s nothing left to pursue, but also a glimmer of hope that one can find something meaningful to make life worthwhile.

At the time of writing, Tom was facing a profound struggle in determining his life’s path. This existential moment led to a pivotal decision – he committed to the band wholeheartedly, making music his primary pursuit. “Something To Live For” was among the first demos we collaborated on during this transformative period.

Since its original release on our self-titled EP in 2019, the song has become an integral part of our live performances. As we progressed with recording our new record, we collectively agreed that the track deserved to be revisited. We felt compelled to re-record and re-mix it, aiming to unleash its full potential and capture its essence even more powerfully.

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Unleashing Unfiltered Energy: When They Riot, the Explosive 3-Piece Grunge/Rock Band from Leeds, UK

Leeds-based powerhouse, When They Riot, is a formidable 3-piece grunge/rock band, unapologetically channeling raw, unfiltered energy and an insatiable love for electrifying, face-crunching guitars.

DSCVRD – Magazine aptly describes the band as “effortlessly energetic, charged with youthful vigor and urgency – truly prepared for an uprising.”

Emerging from the vibrant college scene in Newcastle, Tom and Luke laid the foundation of the band. Fate brought them to Bobby, who was working at music venues in Leeds, and thus, When They Riot was born.

Their debut self-titled EP surfaced just before the Covid pandemic struck, momentarily halting their momentum. However, with the release of their 2021 single, ‘Save Us From Ourselves,’ the band’s live sound flourished as they embarked on extensive UK tours, steadily building an organic fanbase and thriving through the DIY approach.

When They Riot’s debut single, the crowd-pleasing love-ballad ‘Nobody’s Perfect,’ set the stage for their second music video, scheduled for release in the Summer of 2023.

Currently, the band is in the final stages of crafting their third short album – an eclectic masterpiece that skillfully blends the best elements of various rock music eras. By fusing 90’s grunge with 00’s Alt-Rock, and infusing a touch of 80’s boogie rock, When They Riot establishes themselves as a mainstay in the alternative music scene.

True to their name’s essence, When They Riot offers a haven for those struggling with modern living, providing a space to exorcise their suppressed biological atavism that society attempts to restrain. For When They Riot, rebellion emerges when all obedience and control have been shed. Brace yourself for the storm as When They Riot is set to take the world by force.